Why Men Are Like Cheese

Why cheese you ask? Well... One, it's the first thing that popped into my head when staring at this scary blank blogger box and two, because they just are, i thought it so it must be true, like that dream where i swallowed paint, that was true too.

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Tips For A Romantic Night In

[ Tuesday, 15 October 2013 | 0 comments ]

Everybody can enjoy a date night out of the house, whether it's the traditional dinner-and-a-movie option or something a bit more unique or personal. There's just something satisfying about getting out there and treating yourself, and your significant other, to an experience. But for a truly intimate experience, many of us still prefer a romantic night in, and when done right this sort of date night can top anything you'll get up to away from home!

So, to help you to plan the perfect romantic night in, here are a few tips on how you might be able to surprise your significant other right at home.

Create an atmosphere
The home - whether you share one or you simply spend time at one of your apartments - is not a naturally romantic place. You're used to it, you spend more time there than anywhere else, and while it's (hopefully) comfortable, it probably doesn't scream romance without any help. So spice it up a bit! Figure out a time when your significant other won't be around and create an atmosphere - dim the lights, put on some low key romantic music, stock the room with Yankee candles, etc. You can even set up a special little romantic table by a window you don't ordinarily eat at and have chocolate-dipped strawberries waiting on plates! Whatever you want - just make sure to tweak the home environment noticeably.

Buy a selection of wine
One of the worst tips you'll ever see for a home date night is to "pick out the perfect bottle of wine." Well, unless you and your loved one happen to have a favourite bottle that you only drink on special occasions, this is easier said than done. You'll probably end up just spending more money on a bottle you have no idea if he or she will enjoy! Instead, check out Majestic Wine online and order a mixed case, or a few varied bottles, and have fun sampling different wines as part of the evening.

Buy a new mattress
This tip is a but more unorthodox, but it's an incredible tactic for a romantic night in. Some time in advance of the date night, try to visit Dreams for a look at a variety of mattress options, and try to find something that strikes you as particularly comfortable. At this particular store, you'll find a variety of mattress types and materials, as well as guides to help you find the most comfortable fit, so it's quite easy to find a mattress that makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. If you can find the right one and have it set up before date night begins, then you have the ultimate tool for kicking things up a notch: you can get the night going pretty quickly by casually mentioning that you've just bought really comfortable new mattress.

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Dicing With Divorce

[ Wednesday, 24 April 2013 | 1 comments ]

Young couples in love may not really know each other or what they are getting into when they take that coveted oath. Some people just grow apart over time, and others, have their never-ending disagreements that lead to stress and depression. These are all real and common reasons why divorce solicitors see marriages end, but what about the not so traditional divorces?

Many people mocked reality TV star and personality Kim Kardashian for her 72-day marriage, saying that it was the shortest one in history. But her fast track to divorce is nothing compared to other splits. Check out some of absurd ends to relationships and you’ll think yours is pretty tame.

Mama’s boy
There are some men who love and adore their mothers, and some, are just too attached. One man from Italy brought his mum on his honeymoon. Just three weeks after seeing the extent of his attachment issues, the bride filed for a divorce.

Splitting the house
After 18 years of marriage, a Cambodian couple decided to separate. When the wife asked for half of the asset, her husband literally gave her half. He took a saw and cut the house right down the middle.

They are the only couple to divide a house. The divorced husband and wife were too stubborn to move out, so a judge ordered that a wall be built in the middle of the house so that they could have separate living spaces.

Age is nothing but a number, right?
In a world that emphasises youthful appearances and vitality, it’s no wonder that some people lie about their age. But, to lie about it to a significant other? One woman kept the fact that she was six years older than she said, a secret from her husband for ten years. When he finally learned of the lie, he filed for a divorce.

No need for a private investigator
Parrots are notorious for their ability to learn words and repeat them. So why tell your pet bird your scandalous ways? Apparently, a Chinese woman found out about her husband’s infidelity through their bird. After hearing words such as “divorce” and “be patient,” she caught on and filed for divorce.

No take-backs
Is the rule still applicable in adulthood? Is there some kind of guideline as to what gifts – say a purse, wedding ring or even a kidney – you received from your husband you should back? While married, a surgeon in the United States gave his wife his kidney. Post divorce, he asked for it back.

Silence is golden
A Nigerian woman did not appreciate her husband’s big mouth. After six years of marriage, she filed for divorce, claiming that he talked too much and could not keep family secrets.

Bedroom boredom
The bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey,” inspired many woman to shake up their bedroom routines. One British woman was excited to try some of the risqué and tantalising moves she had learned. But, when her husband would not re-enact scenes from the book, she said he was too boring and filed for divorce.

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What Boyfriends Should(n’t) Wear

[ Monday, 26 November 2012 | 1 comments ]

Photo credit: JKModel from morguefile.com

Let's face it, sometimes men are pretty clueless when it comes to fashion. This article will help them navigate the fickle world of fashion. So next time he wants to wear his Aloha shirt to dinner, show him this post and he'll soon see the error of his ways.


Don't wear all your gold at once. 
We all like to wear a bit of bling and the right jewelry can put the finishing touches to an outfit, but don't go overboard. Where guys are concerned, less is almost always more.

Don't flash the chest fuzz.
Shirts that show a little too much chest hair are less than desirable, think the Hoff in his Knight Rider days. If you're wearing a button down shirt one or two buttons undone is enough.

Don't dress like you're in Jamaica when you're in Bognor Regis.
Leave the hula shirts on the beach. The same goes for your sombrero.

Don't dress like a bank robber. 
Balaclavas have a bad reputation. Sure, they're brilliant for those chilly winter mornings, but seeing a grown man wearing a Balaclava is enough to make anyone feel uneasy. Unless you want people to keep their distance, don't wear one.

Don't dress like a baby.
There's a worrying trend happening in the fashion world, known as the onesie. The onesie is basically a romper suits for adults. No one, and i repeat no one over the age of 3 should wear one. Just don't do it... promise?


Do wear smart men's shoes.
Some women admit that the first thing they look at is a man's shoes, so toss away those Crocs and don't even think about pairing socks with sandals. A good tip is to separate your shoes into smart and casual. Nice simple trainers/Converse or loafers for casual days and smarter black/brown leather shoes for work and evenings out.

Do invest in a good suit.
At some point you will have to attend functions like weddings, christenings etc. Having a well-tailored suit is essential. If you're usually a casual dresser then one suit will be enough, just make sure to go for a classic style that won't go out of fashion. A simple black or dark grey one will do. Avoid two-tones and shiny materials, you don't want to look like a peacock in pigeons nest.

Do buy a simple dress shirt.
These shirts are brilliant for both smart and casual occasions. Worn with a tie and suit, you'll look like a dapper gent and worn buttoned down with some slacks, you'll be ready for that after work drinking session or dinner out with the family.

Do wear nice underwear.
One thing a lot of men neglect to update is their underwear. Nice underwear is not just for women. It's a good idea to buy new underwear every once in a while if yours are looking tired and faded.

Do don the denim.
Denim works hard for its money, often lasting years, so a good pair of jeans will see you through all kinds of manly activities. Jeans are the iconic casual trouser and no closet is complete without them.

Do look good casual.
Plain polo shirts are an everyday must have. They're comfy, casual and will go great with a pair of jeans or slacks. They were originally designed for sports, so they allow freedom of movement as well as being smarter than most sports attire.

Do own a belt.
There's nothing worse than builders bum. Nobody wants to see your rear every time you bend over so buy a good, sturdy belt. The only moon rising should be in the sky!

This post is sponsored.

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James Bond: Ladies Man or Movie Slut?

[ Sunday, 25 November 2012 | 0 comments ]

James Bond is charming, handsome, good at his job, can kill with his bare hands and has all the latest gadgets, but this character has one consistent weakness. Women.

James Bond is the ultimate ladies man, but if you stripped away the dashing good looks, the suave suit and that smooth charm would he be just another womaniser?

He's the epitome of 'works hard, plays harder' but if he were real, James Bond would either have been assassinated, died of some horrendous sexually transmitted disease or at the very least, be a well-known face at the sexual health clinic. Nice. 

Let's look at the facts. This handy James Bond infographic by The Economist shows each Bond and their movie statistics:

The numbers show that Pierce Brosnan was by far the most brutal Bond. Our current Mr Bond, Daniel Craig seems far more interested in getting drunk on martinis rather than scoring ladies. Although, he does have plenty of time with a meagre three movies under his belt: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and the latest Bond movie Skyfall.

Judging by the chart, the lighter drinkers had far more success between the sheets, (there's a good lesson in there somewhere). With George Lazenby being the biggest womaniser of the lot, quite a feat considering he only played the character once.

"Bond. James Bond." 

Those three words might be all he needs to seduce you, but as this infographic shows, Bond doesn't get by on looks and charm alone. It takes some serious capital to keep him in that lifestyle:

The History of James Bond (infographic)

So is James Bond just a classy man whore? Well Rotten Tomatoes seemed to think so when they scored Bond as their number one movie slut:


But I can't help thinking there's another reason for James Bonds' promiscuity. In 'On her Majesty's Secret Service', James Bond actually married Contessa Teresa "Tracy" di Vicenzo, but alas, it was never meant to be, as she was later murdered by one of the Bond baddies, leaving Bond alone once more. Could a tragedy like this be the real reason behind Bond's short-lived relationships? It makes sense that being a spy would be incompatible with sustaining a long-term relationship. It's dangerous work and Bond's true love would always be a keen target for enemy spy's and their brutal henchman.

So is James Bond a love rat or does he view lovers as potential victims? Or is he just too busy for love? Perhaps one night stands are more efficient for the busy spy lifestyle. I'm inclined to think it's a bit of both.

If you met James Bond, would you be as quick to jump into bed with him? After all, we all know where he's been!

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10 Eco Friendly Cars That Are Still Manly

[ Friday, 16 November 2012 | 0 comments ]

Photo credit: hotblack from morguefile.com 

Rare steaks, gleaming guns and reading Chuck Norris-isms are second nature to a manly man. Things that don't belong in a man's world are greeting cards, tofu and hybrid or eco-friendly cars. Real men don't drive a Toyota Yaris or Prius. And now they don't have to. Here are ten cars that look cool, are still manly and aren't a burden on the environment like their gas-chugging forefathers.

I. BMW 335d - Not only does the BMW 335d look like the coolest getaway car for a heist, it's the most fuel-efficient model by BMW sold in the States and it spews roughly thirty percent fewer carbon emissions than a regular car. The 335d's 265HP 6-cylinder motor packs a wallop and the car can hit 60MPH in under eight seconds. One last tidbit: BMW already announced a successor to the 335d, so now may be a good time to score one for a lower price. Starting price: $42,400

II. Fisker Karma - Okay, the Fisker Karma is one expensive hybrid sportscar, but it was designed by the man behind Aston Martin's V8 Vantage. That, and the Karma looks way too spiffy to be confused for a hybrid car; yet that's what it is. Its engine boasts a 403HP rating and get this: the technology behind the Karma involves the linking of its 4-cylinder fuel engine and four separate electric motors. Starting price: $95,900

III. Tesla Model S - The brand new Tesla Model S is best compared to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model posted on a teenager's wall (he'll never have a girlfriend like her). The Model S is touted as the first premium electric sedan ever. Tesla Motors started taking reservations and buyers keep lining up. The car's design is contemporary, yet sleeker than most sportscars in its price range. Starting price: $57,000

IV. Ford Escape Hybrid - Ford's Escape Hybrid SUV is a winner. Its muscular appearance seems to have no tangible relation to terms like eco and green. The Escape simply looks like a great SUV. Not only is it a handsome beast, it flaunts a low price for a hybrid sports utility vehicle. It also crushes its competition in the category of fuel economy with a 32MPG rating. Starting price: $29,860

V. Range Rover Evoque - Another solid hybrid SUV for a guy is Range Rover's Evoque. With leg and headroom galore, and slick enough to have to warn a valet not to scratch it, the Evoque's 28MPG highway slam-dunk is Range Rover's newest crowning achievement. Starting price: $43,995

VI. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid - Porsche's Cayenne Hybrid is as dangerously close to a unisex car as this list will get. Before anyone complains remember, it's still a Porsche. And don't forget all the cool Porsche cars Charlie Sheen stole in that almost-forgotten '80s B-classic No Man's Land. Starting price: $63,700

VII. Lexus HS 250H - The Lexus HS 250H may seem like an odd choice at first for a bachelor prepping for a night of 'tomcattin'. The car's sunroof option, streamlined contours and ultra-comfortable interior should dispel any hesitation to give it a once-over. And the HS 250H is a green car that looks twice as expensive as it really is. Starting price: $34,200

VIII. Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid - A famous author wrote a book titled To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Had he seen the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid in his visions, he might have appended his title with ...and Wake Up in a Soak. The Spyder is exactly the stuff that guys' dreams are made of: its futuristic look, its obscene price tag and its unattainability. Real men don't mind obscenity, futuristic vehicles and drooling over what they can't have. Starting price: $845,100

IX. Suzuki SFV 650 - Yes, the Suzuki SFV 650 makes the list. No, it's not a hybrid. No, it doesn't plug in to an outlet. It gasses up like a regular car. What the SFV 650 does do is use considerably less gas than a four-wheeled sedan or truck. Less gas used means fewer emissions from its 650cc engine. A motorcycle also takes up a lot less space and has no styrofoam cup holder. That makes it manly, green, and manly again, in that order. Starting price: $6,899

X. Ford Fusion Hybrid - Why, pray tell, does the lowly Ford Fusion Hybrid close the list? It appears the Fusion is not all that lowly. It's ranked second among midsized affordable sedans. The Fusion is also great for singles or families with its impressive 41MPG city highway rating. It turns out the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a worthy entry in any grouping of eco-friendly autos. Starting price: $27,200

Kristine is a freelance writer who is passionate about her dogs, she exist to make a difference one step at a time.

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Your Cell Phone Is Probably Ruining Your Marriage & Couples Therapy Isn't The Solution

[ Thursday, 1 November 2012 | 4 comments ]

Put down the cell phone! Skip expensive couples therapy sessions and turn off your phones! The answer to your relationship worries may be right in front of you, literally. Electronic communication may be creating communication errors for you and your spouse. Learn how to spot it and stop it.

Troubled Water

Going through a common, temporary relationship rough patch? Or are there ongoing problems that don't seem to go away? Even after extensive communication and effort like couples therapy? If the two of you have grown apart, lost interest or have tarnished important relationship foundations like trust and respect, couples therapy may not be the answer.

One sign that your marriage may be crumbling is the lack of desire to spend the little free time you have with each other. The lack of or complete depletion of sexual intimacy without reason like illness or stress usually means there is trouble in paradise. If you're not genuinely happy, smiling and enjoying the company of one another its time asses what the problem could be. You may find that electronic communication could be lessening of the quality of your relationship.

Making an Impact
"Relationships are becoming increasingly technology-driven, which decreases the chances that individuals have to connect with one another on a personal level. A strong degree of intimacy is important for all relationships, particularly marriages. While the innovations of today's society have indeed improved the convenience, speed, and ease of communication, it is important that couples remember the value of intimacy and make time to support it," said pastor Ed Young in an article for Market Watch.

A topic of debate, communication technology forever changed relationships. Texting, email, and social media have made communication instant and have created a void in physical interpersonal communication. People do not see their online conversations for what they are, 'online conversations.' People place the expectations of in-person contact in their online relationships when the two are separate. Relationship issues and communication are frequent topics of discussion in Young's work.

Electronic communication is an easy way to avoid awkward conversations or potential fights. It may seem like a better route but prevents the development of important communication skills. Not discussing problems in person creates the possibility for misinterpretation of meanings and attitudes. Void is the idea of 'it's not what you say, it's how you say it'  and the usage of body language to better understand one another.

Kicking The Habit

If you think technology may be the source to your relationship issues set communication boundaries. Agree to only discuss certain topics in person, limit day long messaging through email and text and make the time to be physically present with one another. If you're texting all day at work, when you get home there isn't any "how was your day?" conversation. You already know about the long meeting, the new project and the annoying co-worker. Create some mystery and give each other the opportunity to discuss and hang-out face to face.

Heather Green Heather is a former teacher, but now operates as a stay-at-home mom and PTO president who writes for several parenting blogs and education websites. She has four children that attend the school where she used to teach.

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Fifty Shades of Boring

[ Wednesday, 15 August 2012 | 2 comments ]

One guy in the world right now has women swooning. His name? Mr Grey. If you haven't heard of Fifty Shades of Grey before, then i will assume that you've spent the past couple of months hidden under a rock in the Sahara. Unless, of course, you're an astronaut and have spent the last year in space, doing space stuff like driving around the moon in a lunar buggy, in which case i forgive you.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that started out as a Twilight fanfiction novel about Bella and Edward's racy BDSM sexploits. The author, E.L James then changed the names to Anastasia and Christian Grey and ever since the ebook has been spreading quicker than Anastasia's fictional legs.

So what could possibly be wrong with this erotic fiction?

To put it plainly, 50 Shades of Grey bored me. In the end, the books very selling point ended up putting me off reading the next one in the series. At first it was a thrilling read, I'd never read a book so sexually explicit, but the novelty soon wore off as i flitted from one bondage scene to another, with little more than dull dialogue to fill in the gaps. There was little chemistry between the characters, none of the flirtatious anticipation that comes with a new romance, just wham bam, thank you mam! It left me feeling cold. By the end of the book, I'd become numb to the lengthy descriptions of whippings and orgasms. It all got very 'samey'.

Another thing that really got on my wick was how the author referred to the male and female genitalia as 'his sex' or 'my sex'. For gods sake, it's so explicit already, there's absolutely no point in trying to sound all frilly Frannie when your describing anatomy. Just call it a god damn PENIS and VAGINA! Give me strength. And don't even get me started on the times she referred to him running his hand over her hump/bump?! WTF?

The fact is, i never warmed up to the characters, or the plot. I disliked Christian Grey and thought Anastasia was a weak character. It all left me feeling rather disappointed.

Now, there's just one thing that could save Fifty Shades of Grey for me. The film. As with all cash cows, they are making Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie. Usually, i prefer a good book to it's film conversion however, after hearing a certain optimistic rumour, i may actually want to see it. There's talk of Ryan 'Hey girl, you know you want me' Gosling playing Mr Grey. Now that wouldn't bore me at all. I have my doubts as to whether Gosling would even consider this role, but my fingers are firmly crossed just in case.

File:Ryan Gosling Cannes 2011.jpg
Image Source by Georges Biard

Is Ryan Gosling the Perfect Christian Grey?