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Dr. Cullen, what have they done to you?

Friday, 30 July 2010 Leave a Comment

Is it just me or has Carlisle changed? After watching Eclipse I’m thinking yes. When we first saw Peter Facinelli as the delicious doctor in Twilight he blew us all away, bursting through those hospital doors with the face of an angel. Skip forward to Eclipse and I want to scream at David Slade. Why? Because he gave Carlisle the ultimate bad hair day! Sorry Dr. Cullen but there ain't no medicine that will cure that welded on hairpiece. It looks like they got a cheap rubber Elvis hair hat from the nearest joke store and sprayed it magnolia blond. What were they thinking?

To be fair Carlisle's bad hair day started in New Moon but I never thought they would actually choose to keep it. I do hope they sort the wig issue out before Breaking Dawn, and while they're at it, I wouldn't mind if they trimmed Edward's sideburns back an inch or ten before they take over his whole face!

Carlisle's hair journey:

1800's - Dr. Cullen does Mr. Darcy! Yum, yum...

Twilight - Perfection without a reflection...

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New Moon - WHOA! Tone down the Lion mane please...

Image Source

Eclipse - Wigs gone wild...

Breaking Dawn? - Prediction...

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