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Girls asking guys out

Thursday, 8 July 2010 Leave a Comment

Photo credit: dieraecherin from morguefile.com

Come on ladies this is the modern era, there is absolutely nothing wrong with us taking dating into our own hands and asking a guy out. We all know there is a dire lack of eligible bachelors out there these days, so all the more reason to jump in head first when you spot one.

Imagine this scenario...

You’re sitting on the train home from work with your nose buried in the latest copy of Cosmo when someone sits down on the seat opposite. You automatically glance up and there he is. He's tall, dark and dangerously sexy. You stare for a moment longer than you should - he notices. You immediately divert your gaze back to the style column in a desperate attempt to conceal your leching. You then spend the next five minutes contemplating how his chiseled abs would look nestled beneath your Egyptian cotton sheets. Surely you can't let him get off and never see him again?

Well sadly most of us would. Us women have a fear of rejection, something that men learn to get over quickly. We wouldn't want to risk getting the brush off from our dream stranger. But why is it that we can be the boss of a corporation, own our own house, aggressively stand up for ourselves when challenged, and yet we still get the jitters about asking a guy out?

It's time for a change I say. So I urge all you single ladies out there, to take the bull by the balls! Next time that perfect stranger gets up to exit the train, slip him your number or strike up a conversation. Get off at the wrong stop if you have to, just make the first move. The worst he can say is he's is married (most of the good ones are), but at least you’ll know and you wont have let a golden opportunity pass you by.

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