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How To Tell If He Really Likes You

Monday, 12 July 2010 Leave a Comment

Girl and Boy holding hands - how to tell if he likes you
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So you've met this guy and you really like him. You flirt a little and wonder if making the first move is the right thing to do. Should you ask him out? What if you misread the signals? You don't want to confess that you like him and risk feeling like a complete idiot, if he doesn't feel the same way. Well don't panic, there may not be a definite way to tell if he likes you but there are things you can look out for to give you some clues.

How to tell if he likes you:

He shows off
Yep, there's no bigger hint than this one. If he likes you then you’re sure to know all about his black belt in karate, the countless trophies for athletic accomplishments and his last holiday in the Caribbean, where he swam fearlessly through shark infested waters. This is the primitive instinct coming through; he will always appear to be manlier than the next guy. He wants to impress you so be nice, I know you don't care about how many breeze blocks he can break with one hand but try to be impressed. If you act interested he will grow in confidence and may even ask you out on a date.

If this guy is really into you he will most likely take any opportunity to make bodily contact with you. He’ll "accidentally" brush his hand against yours, reach out and touch your shoulder, or even push you teasingly in a playful way. This is his way of testing the water. He will wait to see what your reaction is, in order to get a better idea of how you feel. So if you do like the guy and he touches your arm or hand, don't get all disgusted and push him away. This will come across like you don't feel the same way and he may give up hope of trying.

He just keeps blabbering away
This could be a sign of nervousness and he’s trying too hard to keep the conversation flowing. If you find yourself in this situation make sure you remain interested, nod, smile and relate to what he’s saying. Be sure not to confuse his babbling with arrogance; if he’s a guy who just wont shut up about his new sports car, his stylish Armani suit or his fabulous job in the city, then chances are you've found a guy who's perfect date would be a mirror! Beware of the vain guy; the only thing he’s interested in, is his own voice.

His mates tease him behind your back
If his friends are around when he's talking to you, then chances are that the minute you get up to go the bathroom a lot of nudging and male orientated banter will follow. This is a good sign, it means that his friends have noticed his interest in you and they’re intent on embarrassing him about it. So next time you go to the ladies room, take a quick glance behind you to see what’s happening, if he's as bright as a beetroot you’re onto a winner!

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