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The Killers: Ashton Kutcher Get Any Hotter?

Friday, 23 July 2010 Leave a Comment

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Last night, I decided I wanted to go and watch the new Toy Story movie. I've been so excited ever since I heard whispers that they were making a new one. Unfortunately though, due to me not being the only human on the planet, about 100 hundred other people beat me to it and snatched up all of the available seats at my local cinema.

After taking a moment to self pity, I decided I was not going let this be a wasted trip, so me and The Boyfriend perused the now showing board. The only film we hadn't seen yet was The Killers. Let's just say my expectations were not high, I had a feeling it was going to be cheesy and chock full of bad jokes. I was also dubious about the whole Ashton Kutcher playing a spy thing. I mean, he's too goofy isn't he?

I eat my words as soon Ashton appeared. The lift door opens, there he was, half naked with rippling muscles that could only be stolen from Greek God. I must have had some kind of physical reaction as The Boyfriend turned to look at me with suspicious eyes. I mean WOW, Ashton really buffed up for this role, he was utterly believable as the spy slash perfect husband and the movie was surprisingly watchable. OK so it's not Oscar material but it's definitely worth a watch if only to soak up the splendor that is, Ashton Kutcher.

Bravo Ashton, you hunk of sizzling man meat.

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