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Friday, 16 July 2010 Leave a Comment

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What’s the deal with men and remote controls? Trying to get control of the TV, in my own home is like trying to steal a banana from a Gorilla, it’s just not going to happen. After a hard days work all I ever want to do is just watch a couple hours of my favourite shows. Is that too much to ask? I'm not talking endless hours of soap marathons; I gave up arguing to watch those a long time ago. He hates EastEnders, Corrie, Neighbours, you name it he hates it. Instead he would rather soak his brain in the trashiest TV shows ever.

Example: I must have seen Tila Tequila - A shot at love about four times now.

At least soap operas have some kind of plot but these dating shows are just a bunch of under educated wannabes, clogging up my screen with fake arguments and drunken orgies. Not that I don't mind a bit of random trash every now and then to numb my brain, but to watch the same series over and over, just drives me crazy.

A new plan of attack: The experiment
I decided that the only way to stop him moaning about watching my shows was to stop moaning whilst he watches his; in the hope that this would encourage him to let me watch something I actually like.

The results
The boy doesn't want to give in easily. Recently I started getting into The Vampire Diaries, I watched it religiously every Tuesday and loved it. My boyfriend sat through the first episode (moaning throughout) and decided promptly that if I were going to continue watching it, then he would simply not come around on Tuesdays. So I may not have got quite the result I was looking for but I did get a whole Tuesday night to myself, free to watch what I want, when I want.

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