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Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring

Saturday, 17 July 2010 Leave a Comment

Photo credit: xenia from morguefile.com

Most women have experienced the torture of waiting by the phone for him to call and more often than not he doesn't. Usually it’s us girls that are constantly sending a barrage of text messages and phone calls to our latest squeeze. Well flip and reverse it to get my situation. He never stops calling me. He will find any excuse. At first I thought it was quite sweet, and the attention was flattering, but years later it hasn't slowed one little bit. Sure, I get that it means he still cares but ringing 10 times in succession when I’m away from my phone for all of five minutes is a tad bit excessive. He also has the worst timing ever! He seems to instinctively know when I’m busy, and then he dials.

I'm putting my contact lenses in and sure enough that high pitched default ring tone breaks my concentration and I end up poking myself in the eye with my finger. Great now I have a swollen, vainy, red eyeball.... very attractive!

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