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Twilight Eclipse: Part 2

Sunday, 11 July 2010 Leave a Comment


... After stocking up on popcorn in the lobby we entered screen 1 and took our seats. It was full of girls, women and couples; I could almost sense the estrogen in the air. We sat through what seemed like an hour of pre-film adverts and then the film started. I was so excited I almost choked on my popcorn and had to take a large gulp of my drink to dislodge it.

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it as much as the other two films. It was much darker and chock full with action packed vampire attacks. However, as the movie went on it grew on me, there was more humour, more character development and more sexual tension between Edward and Bella. My affections have always leaned more towards Edward than Jacob but this movie tipped the scales a little more on Jacobs’s side. Taylor Lautner stole the limelight as the shirtless werewolf; he had some great lines bringing out the more cheeky side of his character. Charlie also added some much needed sarcasm as he watched Bella and Edward grow closer than ever.

I have to hand it to David Slade; he added the dark, Gothic feel that this third installment needed. The one thing I can criticise is the hair; it was bad, really bad. Carlisle's wig looked like it was welded on, Kristen Stewart's hairline was all askew and don't even get me started on Edward's sideburns; if they got any longer they would be rivaling Elvis himself. That being said I think the film lives up to its' hype. I don't want to say too much and spoil it for those who haven't seen Eclipse yet, but I will say is that once you get past the bad wigs and botched hairlines you’re in for a completely new twist on the Twilight saga.

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