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Best Break Up Songs

Sunday, 1 August 2010 Leave a Comment

Photo credit: anitapatterson from morguefile.com

Why is it that whenever our relationships end we dash straight out, buy up the entire stock of Ben & Jerry's, stick on some depressing love songs and wallow in complete misery? We are complete masochists when it comes to break ups. Instead of keeping busy or doing something we enjoy to distract us, we seem to want to relish the opportunity to self pity and lock ourselves away for at least a week, watching the notebook over and over again. Why do we torture ourselves huh?

Well I say NO MORE! Get a shower, eat something other than chocolate and get your CD player ready, because I'm going to give you a list of songs that will definitely help you forget all about the moron who let you go and maybe even lift your spirits at the same time.

Get your hairbrushes ready, here's 10 Songs to help you get over him:

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  • dating diva said:  

    Love this playlist!


  • Alice X said:  

    Thanks Delilah :)

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