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The Expendables

Monday, 16 August 2010 Leave a Comment


I wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the thought of sitting through two hours of an ageing sly Stallone and company running around shooting people whilst predictably having time slip in the odd clever one liner.

Expecting a bunch of geriatric action hero wrinklies struggle to keep up the pace, i was surprised that watching this was not as painful as i'd expected. The raw man meat action was thrilling and it was mildly funny in parts. Although i was a bit disappointed at the lack of screen time given to Arnie, and a cameo appearance by Bruce Willis seemed kind of pointless.

The movie was a big slice of action pie... in other words lots of blood, guts and manly grunting. John Statham made a good addition to the cast as an accomplished knife throwing brute. I know it’s wrong but afterwards it made me wanna join a knife throwing club - don't judge okay.

All in all not a bad watch if you can stand the testosterone charged action sequences and Dolph Lundgren’s sluggish accent - i can't believe i used to fancy him.

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  • Queen of the Rant said:  

    Thank you for stopping by and for your perspective. Will follow your blog as it seems to be worth it.

  • Alice X said:  

    Your welcome. Thanks for following and taking a look at my blog. I liked your blog and i'm following you too.


  • Hotcakes said:  

    is this actually worth to watch?

    i told my boyfriend... i wanted to treat him to a movie the other day and THIS is what he wanted! ... im like.. nah never mind. lets just shop.

    i feel like it would be a waste of my money. lol... but i knew he really wanted to watch it though. would a girl like it anyway

  • Alice X said:  


    It's definatley not a girly movie it's all action from the very first minute, so i guess it depends if you like action movies or not. I'm not a fan of them usually. I didn't mind watching this film though, it wasn't terrible, but then again i won't be rushing out and buying the DVD either. I'd say go if your boyfriend really wants to see it, but expect action! Plus there are a few bits that are quite gross too so be prepared if your squeamish.

    Maybe you could suggest that he goes with friends instead?

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