Fashionably Late

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The boyfriend has to be on time for everything, when it comes to keeping to a schedule he is a complete control freak. He has to plan everything down to a "T" even the bathroom breaks... okay so maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad there, but this guy is so regimented when it comes to punctuality. Sometimes its a good thing he keeps time like an Army Sergeant, because there have been many occasions where I'd of been late for an appointment if he hadn't continuously reminded me to hurry the hell up.

Me on the other hand, well I'm more of a “I'll do it whenever,” free spirited kind of gal. I take a spontaneous approach to activities. Planning everything only takes the fun out of stuff right? Besides I don't like to rush, rushing bugs me. When i have to get ready in a rush i always feel like crap, as if I'm on my way out the door without something vital like my shoes.

Last night was no exception, it was Saturday and for me and the boyfriend that meant dinner and movie night. Well i was late (again) we got to the restaurant late and were told there would be a thirty minute wait for food. Not good since the film was starting in 45 minutes. Anyways we were starving so we took the chance and waited for our food to arrive. When it did, we had like ten minutes to eat, run to the cinema, buy tickets and find our seats.

We had to eat like cavemen, shoveling huge portions into our mouths and barely chewing before swallowing. Oh how romantic we are. I must have looked very attractive with my cheeks bulging like a hamster, whilst staring lovingly across the table at him struggling to chew the remainder of his steak. Bad times. We looked like untrained circus animals trying to balance the huge piles of food wedged on our forks.

Needless to say it wasn't the usual romantic dinner out. Which i admit was my fault. If you saw us in the restaurant you wouldn't be thinking “Aw cute couple,” you'd be thinking “Aw they must be special needs.” It was horrific but we managed to get through dinner without cutting off our air supply completely and made it to the cinema with minutes to spare.

I'm sorry boyfriend for always being late, but the only reason I'm late is because i want to look good. I'm sure if i turned up wearing sweat pants and an I heart my Mum top you would be less than impressed. I guess you're right though. Despite my lovely outfit and my perfect make up, no one looks good with a gob full of cod. Consider my lesson learnt.

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  • PrincessBeks said:  

    'Caveman', that made me laigh and 'special needs'. i do like to plan and do stress a bit when it goes wrong but i am the worlds worst at been late, i'll prob be late to my own funeral lol

  • Alice X said:  

    Hahaha i think being a girl makes us naturally good at being late. If i say i'll be there in five minutes, that's code speak for at least half an hour. It's a wonder he even puts up with me.


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