The Stig Revealed

Tuesday, 24 August 2010 Leave a Comment

Some say his skin is made of aluminium and his heart runs on petrol, all we know is he's called The Stig... until now.

Yes that's right people, what we've all been been waiting years for has finally happened. The Stig has now supposedly lifted the the tinted visor of his helmet to reveal the face behind the enigma.

Image Credit: Martin Pettitt   Image Source

For those of you who don't know who I'm rabbiting on about, here's a bit of background info... He has been known as only The Stig, he's the resident driver on the popular UK TV show Top Gear. We've been kept guessing for years as to who this mystery marvel could be. Most suspecting that only a top Formula 1 personality or rally driving champion could be lurking behind those all white leathers.

If you're thinking the latest person to be named as The Stig is a big name celeb, then guess again, its nothing quite so glamorous.

So are you ready..... Brace yourselves.....

Meet Ben, Ben Collins to be exact, a 35 year old racing driver, and all round normal geezer. OK so he's still a racing driver, but he's no Lewis Hamilton.

Image Credit: The Ridg  Image Source

If the rumours are true and this is The Stig I must admit I'm a bit disappointed, I'd imagined The Stig to be some tall, dark and dangerous motor devil, with bags of cash and a jaw line that would put David Coulthard to shame. No such luck folks. I cant help thinking that he should have kept the face well and truly hidden under that helmet of his. The mystery and fun of guessing was more exciting than actually knowing.

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  • Denise said:  

    He should have kept the helmet on. I love him still; he can rev my engines any day...

  • Alice X said:  

    Hahaha yeh, i don't think i could bring myself to not love The Stig, even if his big reveal was a bit dissapointing. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I love Ben Collins.


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