Wolf Whistle: Pest or Privilege

Sunday, 8 August 2010 Leave a Comment

Have you ever walked past a building site on your lunch hour, or walked past a gang of horny blokes on a night out and heard a barrage of whistles and sexual remarks aimed at you? It goes something like this...
“Whit woo, come here an give us a kiss, darlin.”
I have and sometimes i think its disgusting, sometimes it makes me smile. I cant decide. I guess it depends on the situation. If I'm on a night out with my girls, dancing away and some guy thinks a good way to get my attention would be to grab me and start grinding on me - then no, ill push him off me quicker than you can say pervert surprise. I’m sorry but he can go abuse someone else with his clumsy meat claws.
On the Other hand if I'm in the street and someone whistles at me, that i don't mind so much. Call me strange but it makes feel good as long as they don’t invade my personal space, I'm not an all you can eat buffet. I've come to the conclusion that some men just cant help it, after all they are full of sperm.
What do you think, is that kind of attention ever good?

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  • Lilly said:  

    I always roll my eyes when they do it, but inside, I'm like, "thank you!" It's like a really sleazy validation that you are hot. But sometimes I wonder if they just whistle at anything with boobs that walks by. In which case, it might be kind of an insult.

  • Alice X said:  

    Great answer! I don't understand it really, it's not like us girls go round shouting lewd comments at every guy that has tight trousers on or his shirt off, well maybe when i was twelve with my friends for laugh :)

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