The Inseparable Couple

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Silhouette of two people on bike

You know the ones, they can't be apart for more than two minutes before whining about how much they miss each other. Someone pass me a bucket, quick. Wherever they go - they go together, whatever they do - they do it together and heaven forbid they ever get separated. These people will get your up chuck reflex fitter than a Butcher's bicep. They can be impossible to be around.

No matter the occasion: birthdays, nights out, new years eve; they're never seen apart. You can find them lodged in some dimly lit corner feasting off of each others perfection, so high on cloud nine they probably don't have much time for anyone else.

They're the kind of couple that makes you question your own relationship, guaranteed to get you thinking "Why aren't we like that?" Well I'll tell you why, because you're not The Walton's and life isn't one big Little House on the Prairie, no Sirree Bob! And that's a good thing. It's healthy to have arguments, to want some space sometimes and to go out with friends every once in a while. Nobody's perfect.

It's all fine and dandy to spend time together, it's all part of being in love, but not so in love that your basically velcro'ed to your boyfriend all day long. So come on guys, tear yourselves apart for 5 minutes, and save some love for the others.

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  • Wynn said:  

    My favorite is of course the facebook-related one. Like where she says "I'm watching a movie with the bestest snuffypumpkin in the WORLD! Kisses!!" and instantly, he answers "Aww you're so sweet, and I'm in the couch with my cupcakepumpkinbuttercup and the movie is the greatest because I share it with my fluffy unicorn filled with heart shape confetti of love" and so it goes on.

    Seriously. You're in the same room. Suck face instead so the entire length of your friends list needn't throw up their dinner.

  • MissEmy said:  

    omigoodness... one of my best friends had that sort of relationship with her dude. Before he existed, we used to do all sorts of stuff together. That completely stopped once she started hanging with him. :P

    btw, I always disliked the Waltons.... nothing ever changed. :)

  • Alice X said:  

    Hahaha you literally had me laughing aloud reading this! "my fluffy unicorn filled with heart shape confetti of love" Yeh and the fact that they are in the same room and could just talk to each other rather than broadcast it on facebook.

    It's annoying right?! I'm glad i'm not the only one that thinks so, i was beginning to think i was just a cold hearted ice queen. I suppose it's cute to them but i don't want to be subjected to sugary, sweet pet names and public displays of affection.

  • Alice X said:  


    I have had that happen to me many a time. Even though i have been with my boyfriend for a long, long time i have managed to still keep a good balance. I always try to make time for my friends after all friends are for life! I don't understand why some people just drop their friends when they are in a new relationship.

  • Mademoiselle Hautemess said:  

    I hate couples like this...the constant +2. I find that these people are so insecure that they literally leach onto the other like a social respirator. Ick...If only FourSquare had a check in for "up each other's ass." (did that sound bitter...oops)

  • Alice X said:  

    @Mademoiselle Hautemess

    Couldn't agree more it's an insecurity thing, they aren't capable of doing things alone so they use their relationship as a crutch.

    hahaha don't worry you're in good company, i'm the queen of bitterness.

  • Jewels said:  

    this makes me ill. It's people so insecure in who they are that they only come alive when they are part of a couple. That person gives them a sense of self they can't get when single so they cling, cling, cling to each other in the hopes it looks "cute" and in reality it's so narcassistic and co-dependant. Ugh. I cringe just thinking about couples/people like that.

  • Alice X said:  


    I know it's like they haven't got their own life. Surely after spending that much time in each others pockets they must start to get on your nerves a little. It's probably why the relationships don't last long.

  • Miss Innocent said:  

    this USED to be us.. until we decided what was best for our future. :(

  • Alice X said:  

    @ Miss Innocent

    Awww hun :(

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