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Love is Blind

Saturday, 11 September 2010 Leave a Comment

She looks like a Supermodel whilst he looks more like a swamp creature. Come on admit it we have all spotted these couples and thought "What does she see in him? He must have a massive err... car."

It's almost a fact that looks are more important to guys. A guy will happily forgo any meaningful conversation or personality, in order to impress his mates with a trophy girlfriend. It's just in their genes to go for attractive women. Us girls on the other hand want security, love and bit of banter to pass the time.

It seems that a fear of rejection holds us back when it comes to dating. If it's a choice between the obscenely hot Calvin Klein model and the less than average looking guy who works at the record store, which one would you ask out? My guess is that, despite all your lusting after the hot underwear hunk, you would end up asking Mr Average. At least with him, there's less chance of rejection, you protect your feelings and pride by playing it safe. Plus Mr Hot Pants may look gorgeous, but he could have the personality of a rock. Mr Average on the other hand may not be pretty to look at but he could be the most hilarious guy on Earth. Besides who wants to date someone who is better looking than them? At least with Mr Average you will always look stunning. Personally i don't care if he looks like a Picasso painting, if he makes me laugh, well then that's alright by me.

It seems it's not just us mere mortals that are enjoying The Beauty and the Beast trend, the celebs are doing it too. Check out these oddly matched couples...

Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson:
He looks more like a corpse than Husband material, but each to their own.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13:  (Exclusive Access) Actress Evan Rachel Wood and musician Marilyn Manson arrive for the after party for a special screening of 'Across The Universe' at Bette on September 13, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Scott <span class=

Donald Trump & Melania Trump:
His bad hair styling wasn't enough to put her off, but then again he's a multi-millionaire, so i guess that softens the blow of having to wake up to this wig wearing wonder.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrive for the premiere of the film Sex And The City 2 in New York May 24, 2010. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony:
He looks like he's constantly hungover with those dark rings around his sunken eyes, this proves that looks don't matter to J-Lo. After all she's still Jenny from the block.

Signer Jenifer Lopez (R) talks to her husband Marc Anthony as they speak to the media prior to a meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Capitol Hill in Washington on September 16, 2009. UPI/Kevin <span class=

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  • PrincessBeks said:  

    you are totally right!! i've been out with good looking blokes who have no personality, i'm always attracted to jokers lol! x

  • Miss Innocent said:  

    uhhhhh i dont know what to say about those kind of women... i never dated anyone before unless i knew girls have a crush on him, lol. thus it means he's not ugly


  • Cinderita said:  

    LOL! Awesome! I thought I was the only one who thought that...Thank you for saying it out loud!

  • Alice X said:  

    @Princess Beks I'm exactly the same, it's jokers all the way :)

    @Miss Innocent You changed your name! I didn't know it was you at first. You are lucky if you always get the hot guys, just remeber to save some for the rest of us.

    @Cinderita Haha no problem, honesty is my speciality.

  • MissEmy said:  

    Oh my, too true. :P

    Mr. Hotpants with the rock personality seems to be the case most often. It's like... please, can't you be funny and sweet and hot?

  • Miss Innocent said:  

    hahahah Alice... i DONT always get hot guys. hello?????? ugh. that's why i RARELY DATE.

    coz i rarely get to have the boys I WANNA DATE

    hahaha... im just choosy.

  • Alice X said:  

    @MissEmy I'm afraid to say that guys just don't seem to be that complex. If you find an all in one please draw me a map to wear he is :)

    @Miss Innocent HAHA Ah well looks like you're in the same boat as the rest of us.

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