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Wednesday, 1 September 2010 Leave a Comment

Why is that some guys don't seem to get the hint?

Most people at some point in their lives have experienced an unwanted admirer. Someone who, despite your feelings not being mutual, just won't give up. Sure it's flattering at first, but at what point does the flattery become plain old irritating?

This happened to me once. One of my guy friends, who despite knowing that i was in a HAPPY relationship, wouldn't stop texting me. I could say anything to this boy, but nope he still carried on like a crazy stalker beast, annoyingly badgering me like a one man indestructible, love pusher. He repeatedly asked me to go to the cinema with him on Orange Wednesday, (in other words two for the price of one entry). What?! He actually thought that was going to impress me? Unfortunately for him, I'm not a buy one get one free kind of gal. Cheapskate. In the end i resorted to ignoring him all together; politeness just didn't seem to register in his confused brain.

Ignoring him seemed to work for me, but this got me thinking about ways to get out of this situation. So here's 8 creative ways to put him off, if your brave enough...

  • Tell him penises scare you.

  • Tell him you like to wear Bridget Jones style underwear, even on Valentines day.
  • Tell him you are moving to Siberia to live like an Eskimo for 10 years - no phones allowed.
  • Pretend you don't believe in sex before marriage.
  • Tell him your a bigamist, you already have 12 boyfriends and just don't have the time.
  • Tell him you're psychic and can already see that things wont work out between you.
  • Tell him you're a lesbian. This one usually works!
  • Tell him you will only go on a date with him if he promises to wear a dog leash, walk on all fours, and call you Madame Midnight.

... Now watch the horny, lust drain from his mortified face.

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  • Hotcakes said:  

    oh... those kind of guys..

    what i do actually.. well i dont talk to them.


    worst is i think im mean coz i embarass them. not intentionally but when they get too invasive of comfort zone i brush them away

    i had an unwanted admirer once and he became my classmate and i never talked to him even once.

    totally ignored him even if he tried efforts.

    uhm... it bad. i know. but that's just me!! ...

    like i said in my previous post... when people invade my comfortzone .. i can do bad things. lol


    the problem is after embarassing him he still cant get a hint! uh!!!!! ive graduated college and everyone still teases me to him EWWWW

  • Hotcakes said:  

    hey alice

    what is this?

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  • Jewels said:  

    that is straight up hillarious! I will have to try some of those! :-) I agree that there is nothing worse than a man who doesn't get the hint and boarders on stalking in order to try and date you...as if his psychotic ways will sweep you off your feet! haha.
    Congrats on the blog award...I just recieved my first today and was so excited I could hardly stand it!!
    I'd love to have you stop by my page at
    and tell me what you think.

  • Alice X said:  

    @ Hotcakes I think you may have found the best solution by ignoring them from the start, aww can't believe people still tease you about him. I'll check out your post. As for your question those are social bookmarking links, it's so that if you like my blog you can help me to spread the word about it by giving me a thumbs up on stumble upon or digging me on digg etc.

    @Jewels Thanks for stopping by! I will definitley check out your blog. Hahaha yeh the whole hiding in a bush outside your window or txting you 5000 times a day is over rated.

  • Cinderita said:  

    It's so funny that I stop by Jewels blog and find your comment and come by to visit you and you're writing about the one thing I have been thinking about all day. Only the difference is that I'm not sure I've EVER had one of those types of guys. I've been asking myself..has anyone ever had a crush on me like i have on other people? I don't have a crush on anyone at the moment, but...yah. I especially love the "tell him penises scare you" excuse. LOL! I might have to try that.



    PS..strangely enough, my topic for today is going to be about dating..but on another level. STop by!

  • Alice X said:  

    @Cinderita Thanks so much for coming by my blog! Most crushes are secret, i know when i have had crushes on someone i rarely ever tell them (it's too embaressing). So i'm guessing you probably have had someone wo secretly really likes you, you just don't know about it. Plus it's a good thing you hav'nt had one of the above mentioned guys.

  • Wynn said:  

    I'm pretty sure the dudes around here would jump at the chance to involve their penises into conversation, so the "I'm afraid of penises" would just lead to him telling everyone you're lesbian, or be all like "But baby, I can make that go away.. with my kind and gentle penis" or "Mine's not scary at all! See? Now kiss it, it'll kiss you back" or ya know, something exactly in those lines.

    Dudes. Srsly.

  • Alice X said:  

    ahaha this made me laugh, yeh you are probably right! Maybe i should get a guys opinion section on my blog it would be good to get their perspective! Thanks for stopping by ill be checking out your blog :)

  • Hotcakes said:  

    hey alice im back :)

    i think i republished that post. this is the correct url


    i dont recall why i suggested you to read that though... i dont know if it relates to ignoring loser admirers. hahaha :)

  • Hotcakes said:  

    that so funny, i got "pests" as my word verification haha

  • Alice X said:  

    Hahaha even my word verification agree's with me. Oh well who cares if it's not relevant i will read it anyway :)

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