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Dear Channing Tatum

Saturday, 4 September 2010 Leave a Comment

Dear John came out on DVD this week and so it was my Friday night movie of choice. I'd never seen it until last night and to be honest, i was expecting the same old rom-com dullness as every other teen love story, but oh no, this one is actually brilliant. I loved it. It's got a surprising plot, really good acting, and of course who could forget, Channing Tatum. He looked so mighty fine in his special forces uniform that i wish i could have jumped through the screen and groped his huge manly shoulders.

This 6ft 1" - muscle ridden hunk deserves a place in my Hollywood Hunks hall of fame. Shame on me for not honouring you sooner Tatum. With a body that delicious i can almost forgive the fact that your name is Channing Tatum. I mean come on who would call themselves that? It sounds like it was stolen from a retired old wrestler. Anyways congrats Channing you can grace my screen with your animal magnetism any day.

Image by Wcfirm (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Jewels said:  

    I couldn't agree more! I haven't seen Dear John, but I read the book and the movie is on my "to see" list. It sure doesn't help that Tatum is in it. Dear Lord, he is Scrumptious with a capital S! I don't care what he's in...I'll sit through it just to see his smoking hot self...so it's good to know that Dear John also happens to be a great movie. Now I really can't wait to see it!

  • Alice X said:  

    I havn't read the book, but it think now i will! Such a good story line. Although the actor who played the one she got married to when he went back into the army was a little creepy, i kept expecting him to turn into an axe murderer or creepy stalker half way through. All in all though i'd say it's well worth a watch.

  • Lilly said:  

    I love all the romantic movies by that Nicholas Sparks guy. Hello...the Notebook?!?! Probably the best chick flick EVER. And yeah, the name Tatum has always perplexed me. It sounds like some sort of cafeteria food or something.

  • Alice X said:  

    I didn't even know it was by the same guy! I absolutely love The Notebook, and Ryan Gosling as Noah isn't too bad either. Hahaha cafeteria food lol I just hope it's a stage name, surely his parents aren't that cruel to make him go to school with a name that sounds like a type of metal.

  • dating diva said:  

    Hot picture ;) He does have a weird name though haha.


  • Cinderita said:  

    I too enjoyed Dear John and think Tatum Channing is hot hot hot!!

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