TOAR Blogger Award's 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010 Leave a Comment

Yep i know, another award, i bet you're getting bored of me now, but I'm chuffed, and I'm going to celebrate anyway so get your party hats ready. 

You all must know TOAR's blog, if not then get yourself clicking right here sharpish. The reason i have been honoured with this award is because I'm such a fan of her Twilight Tuesdays. They keep me updated with juicy gossip and twilight tidbits. Thanks TOAR on behalf of me myself and i for quenching my thirst for all things Edward. It's super appreciated.

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  • Thoughts of a Randomista said:  

    You are so very welcome!!! I love Edward too. Sloppy dirty messy hair and his accent OMG!

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