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Young couple embracing in night club

This installment of the boyfriend drama comes from a good friend of mine. Yes congratulations you get a break from my own relationship ramblings and get to enjoy someone else's. So gather round folks...

They say us women tease, but sometimes men can be worse. They get their hooks into you, and then before you know it you're being tossed back in the pond like an old trout.

My friend, lets call her Emma for the sake of broadcasting this to the world. Just so you know Emma is one of the nicest people i have ever met. I'd be happy to verbally abuse any loser who so much as sneezed in her general direction, so when she told me this my first reaction was; let me shame him. Let me put him on my blog as an example to teases everywhere, but unfortunately I'm not that vindictive so i won't mention his name. Maybe i was being a bit harsh, I'm biased after all, but i'll let you decide.

Emma went clubbing last weekend and bumped into duh duh duh... the dreaded ex, or as she put it her "ex, ex, ex." This guy was no normal ex though, firstly, he stood her up, granted it was probably 5 years ago, but hey that doesn't mean he gets away with it; and secondly, he dumped her by text. What a cock feature!

Anyways, Em was just out having fun, stretching her weekend legs when things got heated. The ex finally decides to grow some balls and approaches her. He apologises and starts to get his smooth groove on, telling her that he regrets treating her badly. 5 drinks later they kiss. He then leaves without any warning, doing the same thing he did all those years ago.

This leaves me thinking, who came off better? Yeah the guy obviously has issues but Emma got a snog out of it. Congratulations Em you just had a one kiss stand! On the other hand though if i met him, I'd personally see to it that his private region is in a plaster cast for the rest of the year. Just kidding, but don't tempt me.

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  • dating diva said:  

    This guy sounds terrible! Please beat him up if you get the chance ;)


  • Miss Innocent said:  

    i've experienced this once back in highschool.

    after that I LEARNED A LOT. (my first heartbreak HAHA)

    now im the teaser. lol ... well... I keep telling my friends "DON'T PUT MEANING INTO IT, JUST HAVE FUN"... you get what i mean?

    i know it might be bad to tease a guy and then the guy ending up falling for you. but it's case to case basis. because most of the time, guys who would respond to your teasing are used to teasing girls too!

    I remember my friends telling me their stories about what their crush did or what. and you totally know that this boy was known to be a chick boy. "DONT PUT MEANING TO IT!!!"

    for all you know thats what he does to ALLLLLL the girls. ugh right?

    anyway.. hahaa ... i got a visitor on my blog and says she's your friend? tinzley? :) thanks for the referral. lol. icouldnt find her blog.. but just send my regards to her! :) thanks!!!!

  • Miss Innocent said:  

    P.S. there was this one time when the heart breaker invited me once to his father's birthday. and then we all went to karaoke and we we're acting like we were a couple. then the next day... it's like we dont know each other.

    i told you i learned a lot from him. I was just playing with his own game now. hihi... i had fun at the karaoke night with him YES. but the next day. i didnt really get saddened when we acted like we dont know each other because like i said. I did not put meaning to it. HAHAHA.

    even up to now when we chat .. it's all like teasing.. sometimes when he says "tss you just miss me admit it" .. i reply with ah. "yes i miss you" HAHAHAHAHA


  • Alice X said:  

    @Delilah Yeah i might just hunt him down and pummel him with my handbag lol.

    @Miss Innocent Sounds like you know how to play them at their own game and not get hurt, more power to ya girl!!!

  • Denise said:  

    my ex, who I'm still madly in love with and see on a far too regular basis (he thinks us being broken up is 'what's best for now") likes to snuggle. He also likes to have me rub his head and scratch his back. ... I love him dammit! I want to do those things. Talk about a vagina tease. Snuggling is the biggest no no if you don't want in my pants. Snuggling is better than porn, its porn for your heart, and most females agree that when your heart is involved, the sex is monumentally better.

  • Alice X said:  


    hahaha it's porn for the heart! Love it. I think your ex needs to decide he can't have the best of both worlds. He should take you back!

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