A Weekend With The Royal Air Force

Friday, 24 September 2010 Leave a Comment

Last weekend was spent trying to get out of the boyfriends yearly ritual of attending the Air Show. Now i don't actually hate it, but the thing is, once you've seen one plane you've seen em all. Jet engine noise + testosterone + rain = me being a miserable grump bag. There is nothing worse than standing in the freezing British weather with your ear drums being abused by the entire Royal Air Force. However this year i decided; if i have to go, then I'm going to enjoy it, even if it means 5 hours of coastal breeze and hair like Amy Winehouse in a hurricane.

Due to me being late, as per usual we got there at around 13:30, just in time for the Red Arrows (i took the photo above, whilst sheltering under the pier from the downpour). They were amazing as always, and not one of them crashed so that was a plus.

After the Red Arrows the rain died down enough for us to go explore. We came across this...

The PARATOWER! So colossal they put it in capitals. The idea being that you sign up, climb to the top where you then jump off aided by some parachute regiment troops. Yeah right like any one in there right mind would do that...

Yep that's me right there. What could i do, they dared me? I was literally shaking at the thought of free falling off this giant scaffolding. I was petrified, it was higher than i thought, and the metal framework that was holding me up was wavering slightly in the wind. When it came to my turn the Para guy turns around and says, "i guess your scared of heights then?," no you plonker, I'm not, what I'm scared of is the hard floor I'll be hurtling towards once you tempt me to take this leap of faith. Anyway after several false starts i...

...jumped and thankfully made it safely back on terra firma to continue my life, despite breaking my new necklace. I told you i was determined to enjoy myself, jumping off things at great heights is not my usual choice of activity.

Next stop the crappy souvenir stands that sell you everything from a Top Gun jacket to novelty mugs. Basically anything big enough to stick a photograph of an aeroplane on, was up for grabs. Amongst all of the overpriced tat and fake military uniforms, i spotted this little gem....

Apparently you don't have to be a genius to fly planes these days. Armed with a red pen and some tippex any old idiot can do it! I'm thinking of signing up, just kidding. As if I'd wear those military issue uniforms, they only ever look good on men.

So after jumping off buildings and photographing coasters i spotted a huge crowd gathering around a big red marquee. I wandered over to find that the Red Arrow team were taking a well earned break from flying planes to sign autographs. Yes autographs, these people were being mobbed! I managed to snap a few quick pics and actually met one of them, before almost being crushed by plane spotters on my way out...

To my surprise there were two women on the team. Yay for girl power! Plus the guys were pretty hot. Take this guy for instance...

He's a a Blue Arrow, and really really tall. This guy towered over everyone, although his red overall'ed team mates seemed to grab most of the attention. I salute you blue overall guy for rocking that all-in-one with style!

After all the excitement i was pretty exhausted, the weather turned from bad to horrific and i was getting bored. The boyfriend insisted that we stay to the very end and so i was stuck in the pouring rain looking like a drowned rat. Then, out of nowhere a freaking bomb went off. Yes you heard me a bomb...

Okay, okay, so it was a controlled explosion, but still, i nearly had a heart attack. That was it, i was done, I'd had enough of the rain, the wind and the big men with big weapons, i was off home to a warm bath and a pamper session to make me feel female again.

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  • MissEmy said:  

    that sounds really fun!! Kudos for jumping. :P Enjoyed looking at the pictures! Especially all them cute dudes. haha.

  • Thoughts of a Randomista said:  

    Hey Chick! You have an Award on my blog! Go Check It out!

  • Alice X said:  

    @ Miss Emy Thanks i was terrified when i actually got up there.

    @TOAR Thanks i love Twilight Tuesdays :)

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