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Disney's Bringing Sexy Back

Sunday, 19 December 2010 Leave a Comment

Disney has a new image, and it's strictly adult only! Ever dreamed about what Hercules is hiding under his historical tunic? Or what John Smith looks like naked? No?... OK, just me then. Well for those of you that are excited to see the raunchy side of those Disney hunks; David Kawena a very talented illustrator/artist has stripped Disney of its coy and prudish costumes to reveal the real hero's in all their glory.

Helloooo Hercules, you're looking mighty fine for a mythical character.

Aladdin Prince of Thieves, getting his sexy criminal bod out.

My personal favourite, Disney Hero John Smith. Hands off Pocahontas, he's all mine!

Prince Philip from the one and only Sleeping Beauty, in nothing but his boxers.
(Check out the lip gloss)

Who knew The Beast would look this fine when the spell was broken?

Finally, finally, finally, we get to see those rippling Disney muscles in all their glory!

Thank you David.

See more of his Disney Hero series and other talented artwork on his website:

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  • Jewels said:  

    Oh. My. Word. I have seen these before but they never get old. Now I'm going to have bad thoughts while watching these movies with my niece. Not okay. Those princess' are lucky bitches!!

  • Alice X said:  

    @Jewels Tell me about it, i think they've tainted my Disney image (in a good way) :)

  • Nikita said:  

    ooooohhhh my Gooooddddd! They're all sooooo hot!!!!

  • PrincessBeks said:  

    I feel wrong looking at these pictures and thinking they are hot because they are cartoons. interesting post.

  • MissYaya said:  

    Wow. Yummy! lol thanks for posting this.

  • thenextmoment said:  

    Wow. The beast has truly earned his nickname...he's packing! Who knew?

  • Mademoiselle Hautemess said:  

    I laughed out loud at first, then sighed deeply, then remembered that I am sitting only a few feet from my coworkers! AMAZING!

  • Lizzie said:  

    OH. MY. GOD. Thank you so much for this!! Aladdin and Prince Phillip? YES PLEASE.

  • Lilly said:  

    Holy wow. That Aladdin looks like he'd be more interested in going on a magic carpet ride with Jafar than Princess Jasmine if you know what I'm sayin...

  • Alice X said:  

    @Lilly ahaha i know exactly what you're saying, just a tad camp aren't they.

    @Hautemess You crack me up, i hope you didn't get too many strange looks.

    @All It's a strange one, they are cartoons, which makes me wonder if it's completely wrong to look at them in that way. On the other hand though, they are semi-naked, semi-realistic naked men so that makes it ok right?

  • Alice X said:  

    @The Student Exactly!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Oh my goodness! W.O.W!!! I feel really weird finding cartoon blokes attractive.. :L

  • Anonymous said:  

    OMG, those guys are sexy. I wish they were real!!!!!!

  • Anonymous said:  

    WOW!!!!!! I think my favorite has to be the beast....love the hair on that boy, lol.

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