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Dr. Cullen, what have they done to you?

Friday, 30 July 2010 0 comments

Is it just me or has Carlisle changed? After watching Eclipse I’m thinking yes. When we first saw Peter Facinelli as the delicious doctor in Twilight he blew us all away, bursting through those hospital doors with the face of an angel. Skip forward to Eclipse and I want to scream at David Slade. Why? Because he gave Carlisle the ultimate bad hair day! Sorry Dr. Cullen but there ain't no medicine that will cure that welded on hairpiece. It looks like they got a cheap rubber Elvis hair hat from the nearest joke store and sprayed it magnolia blond. What were they thinking?

To be fair Carlisle's bad hair day started in New Moon but I never thought they would actually choose to keep it. I do hope they sort the wig issue out before Breaking Dawn, and while they're at it, I wouldn't mind if they trimmed Edward's sideburns back an inch or ten before they take over his whole face!

Carlisle's hair journey:

1800's - Dr. Cullen does Mr. Darcy! Yum, yum...

Twilight - Perfection without a reflection...

Image Source

New Moon - WHOA! Tone down the Lion mane please...

Image Source

Eclipse - Wigs gone wild...

Breaking Dawn? - Prediction...

Disclaimer: All images are copyright to their respective owners and are reproduced here without prior permission. No copyright infringement intended. If you own the copyrights of an image and want it taken down, please contact me and it will be removed promptly.

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Robert is Bothered

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 0 comments

I’m team Edward all the way but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good bit of vampire p*** taking now and again. Jimmy Fallon's "Robert Is Bothered" skits are amazing, check out his vamp pout.

Basically it’s a series of comedy videos where Robert Pattinson sits in his tree ranting about topics like shark week, the World Cup and my personal favourite the iPad. Watch and laugh this is pure genius...

Make sure you check out the website for more Robert is Bothered.

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First Date Destinations

Monday, 26 July 2010 2 comments

Photo credit: kakisky from morguefile.com

So you've bagged a date with your dream guy but where is he taking you?

Ideas for where to go on a first date:

The Cinema
This is your typical first date destination, especially if you’re a teenager. The good thing about the cinema is that it gives you a something to talk about, some common ground with someone who is basically a stranger. Discussing the film afterwards will also give you an indication of what he likes, but what you really want to be analysing is the type of film he takes you to. If he takes you to see a mushy chick flick, he is obviously kind and wants to please you. If he picks a horror then he is angling for some physical contact when you get scared. If he takes you too see Die Hard then well, he’s just plain mean. Another thing to contend with is the awkwardness. He will be sitting close to you throughout, invading your personal space with manly gestures and spilling popcorn crumbs into your lap. So when the lights dim will he reach for your hand or do the "I’m not putting my arm around you, I'm just yawning bit?"

A Romantic Meal
Ah now any self respecting Mr. Smooth will take you to a romantic restaurant for a cosy candle lit dinner. But wait what type of restaurant? You had better pray its not Italian, those noodles are slippery suckers and there is nothing less lady like, than trying to flirt with a mouthful of spaghetti hanging out of your mouth. Slurping is a big no, no! Always place a napkin over your lap; even the smallest of food stains can ruin a great outfit. If you manage to survive the actual eating relatively in tact, then be sure to excuse yourself to go check for food debris that might have lodged itself in between your teeth. This also gives him time to ask the waiter for the bill. On your return you will face one last dilemma, should you offer to pay? The answer is yes, at least offer to pay for your half, he probably will dismiss your attempt at equality but it’s nice to offer.

The Bar

A city slicker type is most likely to suggest meeting for drinks after work. Great you get to show off your killer heels and the new dress you got from Topshop. But easy now tiger... one martini too many and your elegant poise and polite conversation will quickly turn into loud moose in a wine stained dress. Don't get so drunk that you end up puking out of the taxi window in front of him, he may be sympathetic but any chance of a second date went out the window with the remainder of your dinner.

The Wild Card
Wow OK do you freak out or get excited? The wild card is utterly unpredictable. All the usual date rules don't apply here. Put that little black dress back in the wardrobe and stick on your comfy jeans, this guy could be taking you anywhere from hiking up a mountain to paint-balling. Go with casual smart, there's nothing more off putting to the outdoorsy guy than having to spend the entire date listening to you whine about ruining your favourite shoes.

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The Killers: Ashton Kutcher Get Any Hotter?

Friday, 23 July 2010 0 comments

Image Credit: WorthingTheatres Image Source

Last night, I decided I wanted to go and watch the new Toy Story movie. I've been so excited ever since I heard whispers that they were making a new one. Unfortunately though, due to me not being the only human on the planet, about 100 hundred other people beat me to it and snatched up all of the available seats at my local cinema.

After taking a moment to self pity, I decided I was not going let this be a wasted trip, so me and The Boyfriend perused the now showing board. The only film we hadn't seen yet was The Killers. Let's just say my expectations were not high, I had a feeling it was going to be cheesy and chock full of bad jokes. I was also dubious about the whole Ashton Kutcher playing a spy thing. I mean, he's too goofy isn't he?

I eat my words as soon Ashton appeared. The lift door opens, there he was, half naked with rippling muscles that could only be stolen from Greek God. I must have had some kind of physical reaction as The Boyfriend turned to look at me with suspicious eyes. I mean WOW, Ashton really buffed up for this role, he was utterly believable as the spy slash perfect husband and the movie was surprisingly watchable. OK so it's not Oscar material but it's definitely worth a watch if only to soak up the splendor that is, Ashton Kutcher.

Bravo Ashton, you hunk of sizzling man meat.

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The TV Wars Continue

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 0 comments

Photo credit: breda from morguefile.com

The boy is driving me crazy. He watches TV with the volume so loud, I feel like Quasimodo, my ears ringing after he leaves. I have good hearing, probably because I'm as blind as a bat so I'm a tad bit sensitive to noise. I'm short sighted you see, I figure that my lack of sight has been overcompensated for by giving me super human hearing.

It's driving me mad. I repeatedly ask him to lower the volume but he only ever lowers it by a few bars and what good is that when I'm starting to get tinnitus already? Whenever my preferred noise level is set he complains that he can't hear it. Well I'm sorry but it’s just too hard to concentrate on the storylines when every TV show is SHOUTING AT YOU! I’m seriously contemplating taking the batteries out of the remote all together.

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Love Pill

Love Pill is my very own concoction. My imaginary love cure for all the lonely hearts out there. No catches, no strings attached, just pop the pill and away you go.

Disclaimer: Click the image and read the package carefully. Take this at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for any heartache this pill may cause.

Yours Sincerely

Love Pill Inc.
Curing lovers since 2010

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Here's Johnny!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 2 comments

Image Credit: Michi1308   Image Source

Ahoy hoy! Who knew a camp pirate complete with eyeliner and hair beads could be so attractive? I guess only the pure genius of Johnny Depp could pull this one off.

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Macho Macho Man

Monday, 19 July 2010 4 comments

Prepare yourselves ladies for some major muscle beach style ramblings. I was doing some research last night into types of guy, when this popped up...

Image Source Jay Cutler AKA Mr Olympia

I know what your thinking girls, “That has to be an alien!” Well nope, this is a real human! What has this guy done to himself? He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger crossbred with one of these...

Do these muscle guys seriously think they look attractive? I don't know about you but if I were dating him, I'd feel like I was dating a double wardrobe. He looks like my Nan’s old leather sofa. Its just not right, if I met this guy for real I would be terrified he was going to eat me.

Final Thought
How does one even achieve this? Boulders for breakfast? Popeye would be seriously turning in his grave after witnessing this spinach overdose.

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Types Of Men

Sunday, 18 July 2010 6 comments

The Geek
He’s the guy that’s kind of odd, both in looks and personality. He is either very successful (probably the boss of some technology based company) or he still lives with his mum and spends all day playing video games. The geek can be shy at times and has low self-esteem but he is also highly interesting and extremely intelligent. Despite his drawbacks he can be very loyal once you break through his shy barrier.

The Jock
Uh Oh! Here we go. This guy is probably my worst nightmare. He is totally infatuated with sport. Obsessed with football, basketball, baseball, rugby, rally driving, you name it, he’s into it. Don't be fooled by him, he will blow you off to go see his favourite team play in the finals. This guy may be totally normal and pleasant on a day-to-day basis but just be prepared to endure hours of jeering, cheering and swearing during the sporting season. He can often be found at the local pub, surrounded by empty pint glasses and shouting profanities at the big screen.

The Meat Head
He’s built like a barge and lives at the gym, (Think Gaston out of Beauty And The Beast). This guy is all man; those aren't muscles ladies, that's just the testosterone trying to escape from his body. He is the protector, he will make you feel safe when you're with him and can also be quite aggressive towards any male who wishes to come near you. He probably isn't much of a conversationalist but if a bear ever attacks you, he will gladly wrestle with it to save your life.

The Musician
This guy is the creative soul. He will sweep you up with his flowing lyrics and probably dedicate a song to you. He makes women go weak at the knees, but beware ladies he has a dark side. He can get easily depressed and become quite arrogant and obsessed if his music becomes popular. Although he may appear dedicated only to you, I can guarantee that if it came down to you or his prized Fender Strat, he’d probably pick the guitar. His music is everything to him and you must learn to accept that. Relationships with this type of guy are intense, passionate and often self-destruct after the honeymoon period.

The Ladies' Man, Man’s Man, Man About Town
He’s hip, he’s happening and he probably has a little black book tucked away in his glove box. He’s seen at the coolest restaurants, owns a flashy sports car and has a large inheritance. He will sweep you up with his dashing smile and charming personality but be careful; he can be fickle, blasé and probably has a history of two timing. Whilst this guy is great fun to hang out with, he’s no Mr. Right but he might just be a perfect Mr. Right Now.

The One
What can I say about this guy? If you find him then you've found love. He is the missing piece in your jigsaw puzzle; he completes you. Hang on tight to this one; you don't want this fish getting away.

The Desperado
This is the guy you will see loitering about the dance floor at the local nightclub. He is the Lion and you are the meat. He will do absolutely anything to get your attention (and any other girl for that matter); he’ll grab you, hug you and chat you up with a cheesy one liner. Once he’s latched on he’s almost impossible to shake off and once he does, he’ll move straight onto victim number two. He doesn't care about you he’s just out to show his trouser snake a good time.

The Arrogant Ass
Ass, being the significant word. He is completely self-absorbed; over confident and thinks he can have any girl he wants. So why doesn't he then? Just go bother the hundred million other girls because we don't want to play second fiddle to your ego!

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Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring

Saturday, 17 July 2010 0 comments

Photo credit: xenia from morguefile.com

Most women have experienced the torture of waiting by the phone for him to call and more often than not he doesn't. Usually it’s us girls that are constantly sending a barrage of text messages and phone calls to our latest squeeze. Well flip and reverse it to get my situation. He never stops calling me. He will find any excuse. At first I thought it was quite sweet, and the attention was flattering, but years later it hasn't slowed one little bit. Sure, I get that it means he still cares but ringing 10 times in succession when I’m away from my phone for all of five minutes is a tad bit excessive. He also has the worst timing ever! He seems to instinctively know when I’m busy, and then he dials.

I'm putting my contact lenses in and sure enough that high pitched default ring tone breaks my concentration and I end up poking myself in the eye with my finger. Great now I have a swollen, vainy, red eyeball.... very attractive!

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I Heartnett

Friday, 16 July 2010 0 comments

Image Credit: Hilary_JW   Image Source

Josh Hartnett first stole my breath away when I saw him in the action packed war film, Pearl Harbor. At one point in my mid teens he was star of my bedroom wall and though the posters are long gone now, with a face like that he's definitely not forgotten.

So here's to you Josh and your brooding loveliness

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Couch Commando

Photo credit: mantasmagorical from morguefile.com

What’s the deal with men and remote controls? Trying to get control of the TV, in my own home is like trying to steal a banana from a Gorilla, it’s just not going to happen. After a hard days work all I ever want to do is just watch a couple hours of my favourite shows. Is that too much to ask? I'm not talking endless hours of soap marathons; I gave up arguing to watch those a long time ago. He hates EastEnders, Corrie, Neighbours, you name it he hates it. Instead he would rather soak his brain in the trashiest TV shows ever.

Example: I must have seen Tila Tequila - A shot at love about four times now.

At least soap operas have some kind of plot but these dating shows are just a bunch of under educated wannabes, clogging up my screen with fake arguments and drunken orgies. Not that I don't mind a bit of random trash every now and then to numb my brain, but to watch the same series over and over, just drives me crazy.

A new plan of attack: The experiment
I decided that the only way to stop him moaning about watching my shows was to stop moaning whilst he watches his; in the hope that this would encourage him to let me watch something I actually like.

The results
The boy doesn't want to give in easily. Recently I started getting into The Vampire Diaries, I watched it religiously every Tuesday and loved it. My boyfriend sat through the first episode (moaning throughout) and decided promptly that if I were going to continue watching it, then he would simply not come around on Tuesdays. So I may not have got quite the result I was looking for but I did get a whole Tuesday night to myself, free to watch what I want, when I want.

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I Still Love you

Thursday, 15 July 2010 0 comments

A bit of a soppy one today, folks. I was on a site called Found, its a collection of found notes, go check it out. I love this site because it never fails to cheer me up on a bad day. I saw this particular note and it almost made me tear up. I hope that Lucie and her partner are still going strong. This proves that true love does exist, it may be rare but that's what makes it beautiful.

This is the description given by the person who found it:
I Still Love You!
FOUND by Marta Ferreira in Lisbon, Portugal
I found this bookmark in a second-hand book I bought in a small shop. I have no idea who Lucie is, or who she was addressing - but it in its simplicity, isn't it so romantic?

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Is Twilight Anti-Feminist?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 4 comments

Whilst searching the web for juicy gossip about Twilight I came across a few people who are opposed to the phenomenon. Yes can you believe it? Some people don't like it. I was shocked. A small minority of people out there thinks that Twilight is anti-feminist. Well here's my opinion on the matter, get a grip people it's just a story, you know, fiction? It is in no way intended to destroy girl power. The things that you are describing as anti feminist, are in fact just old fashioned. If you pick up any of the old classic romance novels you will see similar themes occurring.

The story of Bella and Edward's love is reminiscent of a different era. When chivalry and honour were not dead and women were delicate, pure and wanted to be taken care of. Forgive me for being a traitor to the modern woman but sometimes I like to be taken care of, it does not mean I cannot fend for myself. Surely most women like to be swept of their feet every once in a while. I only wish that chivalry and good old-fashioned manners would make a come back, does that make me anti-feminist? What do you think?

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How To Tell If He Really Likes You

Monday, 12 July 2010 0 comments

Girl and Boy holding hands - how to tell if he likes you
Photo credit: matthew_hull from morguefile.com

So you've met this guy and you really like him. You flirt a little and wonder if making the first move is the right thing to do. Should you ask him out? What if you misread the signals? You don't want to confess that you like him and risk feeling like a complete idiot, if he doesn't feel the same way. Well don't panic, there may not be a definite way to tell if he likes you but there are things you can look out for to give you some clues.

How to tell if he likes you:

He shows off
Yep, there's no bigger hint than this one. If he likes you then you’re sure to know all about his black belt in karate, the countless trophies for athletic accomplishments and his last holiday in the Caribbean, where he swam fearlessly through shark infested waters. This is the primitive instinct coming through; he will always appear to be manlier than the next guy. He wants to impress you so be nice, I know you don't care about how many breeze blocks he can break with one hand but try to be impressed. If you act interested he will grow in confidence and may even ask you out on a date.

If this guy is really into you he will most likely take any opportunity to make bodily contact with you. He’ll "accidentally" brush his hand against yours, reach out and touch your shoulder, or even push you teasingly in a playful way. This is his way of testing the water. He will wait to see what your reaction is, in order to get a better idea of how you feel. So if you do like the guy and he touches your arm or hand, don't get all disgusted and push him away. This will come across like you don't feel the same way and he may give up hope of trying.

He just keeps blabbering away
This could be a sign of nervousness and he’s trying too hard to keep the conversation flowing. If you find yourself in this situation make sure you remain interested, nod, smile and relate to what he’s saying. Be sure not to confuse his babbling with arrogance; if he’s a guy who just wont shut up about his new sports car, his stylish Armani suit or his fabulous job in the city, then chances are you've found a guy who's perfect date would be a mirror! Beware of the vain guy; the only thing he’s interested in, is his own voice.

His mates tease him behind your back
If his friends are around when he's talking to you, then chances are that the minute you get up to go the bathroom a lot of nudging and male orientated banter will follow. This is a good sign, it means that his friends have noticed his interest in you and they’re intent on embarrassing him about it. So next time you go to the ladies room, take a quick glance behind you to see what’s happening, if he's as bright as a beetroot you’re onto a winner!

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R-Patz Hot or What?

Sunday, 11 July 2010 2 comments

I say hot and so does J.Ashely, check out her reaction to my post on Robert Pattinson. She definitely has good taste!

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Twilight Eclipse: Part 2


... After stocking up on popcorn in the lobby we entered screen 1 and took our seats. It was full of girls, women and couples; I could almost sense the estrogen in the air. We sat through what seemed like an hour of pre-film adverts and then the film started. I was so excited I almost choked on my popcorn and had to take a large gulp of my drink to dislodge it.

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it as much as the other two films. It was much darker and chock full with action packed vampire attacks. However, as the movie went on it grew on me, there was more humour, more character development and more sexual tension between Edward and Bella. My affections have always leaned more towards Edward than Jacob but this movie tipped the scales a little more on Jacobs’s side. Taylor Lautner stole the limelight as the shirtless werewolf; he had some great lines bringing out the more cheeky side of his character. Charlie also added some much needed sarcasm as he watched Bella and Edward grow closer than ever.

I have to hand it to David Slade; he added the dark, Gothic feel that this third installment needed. The one thing I can criticise is the hair; it was bad, really bad. Carlisle's wig looked like it was welded on, Kristen Stewart's hairline was all askew and don't even get me started on Edward's sideburns; if they got any longer they would be rivaling Elvis himself. That being said I think the film lives up to its' hype. I don't want to say too much and spoil it for those who haven't seen Eclipse yet, but I will say is that once you get past the bad wigs and botched hairlines you’re in for a completely new twist on the Twilight saga.

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Robert Pattinson

Friday, 9 July 2010 3 comments

Cover Photo by: Nathaniel Goldberg Image Source

Mmmmmmmm R-Patz, what can I say? This guy rocks my world. With a face plucked straight from a classic novel and hair you could literally get lost in, he is, in my opinion, the most divine creature I’ve ever seen. I'm not normally the type to go gaga over a good looking guy, but there's just something... well... interesting about him. He isn't your typical Abercrombie wearing, abdomen flashing, tan-tastic hunk, but that's what makes him stand out.

So Rob if you’re out there, call me xxx

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Twilight Eclipse: Part 1

Photo credit: mconnors from morguefile.com

Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Twilight, both the books and films, so it was only natural that I was counting down the days until Eclipse came out. Last Saturday the day finally arrived, so off I trotted to the nearest cinema with The Boyfriend in tow.

We arrived at the theatre at around 8pm; with my fingers crossed we approached the ticket desk, praying there were still some seats available. Sure enough the girl at the desk delivered a devastating blow…

"It’s fully booked."

I was gutted! Mad at myself for not booking in advance (like any sane person would). I was just about to drag myself back to the car with my excitement in tatters, when she threw me a lifeline.

"There are still some available for the 9.45pm showing?"

Without any hesitation, I practically leaped forward, blurting out:

"We'll take 'em."

In the moments that followed I was presented with £4.00 change and two flimsy paper tickets. The tickets reminded me of that shiny, horrible, cheap toilet paper you get in public restrooms. Nonetheless it was official, right there in sketchy black ink. I was going to see Eclipse.

We had almost two hours to waste before the movie, so we ventured across the road to a pub/restaurant to binge on some salmonella burgers and greasy chips. Then it was time...

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Girls asking guys out

Thursday, 8 July 2010 0 comments

Photo credit: dieraecherin from morguefile.com

Come on ladies this is the modern era, there is absolutely nothing wrong with us taking dating into our own hands and asking a guy out. We all know there is a dire lack of eligible bachelors out there these days, so all the more reason to jump in head first when you spot one.

Imagine this scenario...

You’re sitting on the train home from work with your nose buried in the latest copy of Cosmo when someone sits down on the seat opposite. You automatically glance up and there he is. He's tall, dark and dangerously sexy. You stare for a moment longer than you should - he notices. You immediately divert your gaze back to the style column in a desperate attempt to conceal your leching. You then spend the next five minutes contemplating how his chiseled abs would look nestled beneath your Egyptian cotton sheets. Surely you can't let him get off and never see him again?

Well sadly most of us would. Us women have a fear of rejection, something that men learn to get over quickly. We wouldn't want to risk getting the brush off from our dream stranger. But why is it that we can be the boss of a corporation, own our own house, aggressively stand up for ourselves when challenged, and yet we still get the jitters about asking a guy out?

It's time for a change I say. So I urge all you single ladies out there, to take the bull by the balls! Next time that perfect stranger gets up to exit the train, slip him your number or strike up a conversation. Get off at the wrong stop if you have to, just make the first move. The worst he can say is he's is married (most of the good ones are), but at least you’ll know and you wont have let a golden opportunity pass you by.

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5 Reasons Why Shoes Are Better Than Men

Photo credit: artbyallyson from morguefile.com

If you’re anything like me, you’re a lady that likes to shop and there’s nothing more worthy of my hard-earned cash, than shoes. I love shoes; I have around 30 pairs, mostly heels. I have them to match almost every outfit and I can never have too many! A new pair of heels never fails to cheer me up, which is more than I can say for some men. So here are a few reasons why I think shoes are better than men:

  • Shoes never answer back. 

  • Shoes support you, all day, every day, no matter what. 
  • When you see those gorgeous heels in the window, you know that love at first sight exists. 

  • Shoes go anywhere you want them to. 

  • Shoes are dependable; they always stand up for you.

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Me vs Football

Wednesday, 7 July 2010 0 comments

Football - Beach Football, Soccer
Photo credit: alvimann from morguefile.comhttp://mrg.bz/IMbXMD

Okay, so I get that the boy likes football, I have no problem with that, but why is it that every time Match of the Day is on, I become invisible? Sure I get that he is really, really into it but is it really that hard to answer me back when I ask him about his day? Any attempts at normal human to human interaction goes out the window and I’m answered with a one-word grunt, without his eyes even momentarily veering away from the screen. What am I supposed to do? Sit here like an ornament and not utter a word?

Don’t get me wrong I’m quite willing to bear (grudgingly) 90 minutes of overpaid, under worked, yobs kick pigskin about a field, if that’s what makes him happy. But seriously, “Do we have to watch the after commentary?” It's just more footballers talking about watching the game we just watched. I probably wouldn’t mind so much if they had one ounce of charisma, but nope, nearly all of them share the same monotone, dull voices, devoid of any character what so ever.

This scenario is repeated weekly, sometimes daily, during the football season. I even once tried to follow it myself, presuming that after a while I might actually enjoy it. How wrong could i be?! The more I watch it, the more I hate it. So I have come to the conclusion that it's just something I have to put up with, and try as I may to discourage him, the boy is not for changing. I guess I shall just have to settle for quietly ogling Steven Gerrard’s muscular thighs.

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