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The Fast and The Fit

Sunday, 24 April 2011 Leave a Comment

Paul Walker
Paul Walker <3 - hottest-actors photo

Vin Diesel
fast furious - vin-diesel wallpaper

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
the rock  - dwayne-the-rock-johnson photo

As The Fast and the Furious: Fast Five hit UK cinemas this week it's only fair that i feature these three Hollywood hunks. The film reunites Paul Walker and Vin Diesel for one last adrenaline fuelled adventure. Add to the mix a bad ass cop played by none other than wrestling giant, The Rock and you have one big testosterone pumping action ride. These three together have more muscle than a heard of buffalo *Drool*, so this is one "guy movie" that us ladies certainly won't mind watching.

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  • sassyshoediary said:  

    The Rock is awesome at playing the bad ass!

  • Jewels said:  

    What a way to start my rainy Monday! Good sweet word. Yummy! Thanks for the eye candy, sweets. Not sure that I'll spend the $12.50 to see this in the theatres but I'm sure once it is out I'll enjoy the heck out of it.

  • inHERshoes said:  

    paul walker, yes, please and thanks you! mmmm good!!!

  • Drake Sigar said:  

    You have no shame, when will you learn that shamelessly salivating over human beings degrades your race?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my Rita pictures.

  • Alice X said:  

    @Sassy The Rock is all kinds of awesome!

    @Jewels You're welcome :) Just wait for it to come on TV.

    @Inhershoes Agreed!

    @Drake Ahaha i can't help it! Shame on you leching over Rita's pics lol

  • K. Syrah said:  

    Sometimes I watch the Fast and the Furious movies with no volume, just for the cars and the hunky boys. Without the meddlesome bad dialog and terrible understanding of mechanics... it's got everything I need.

    Speed, explosions, and six pack abs.


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