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ELVIS LIVES!!! (Inside Every Middle Aged Man)

Sunday, 22 May 2011 Leave a Comment

Image source Image by: publicenergy

Why is it that when men reach a certain age they all turn into Elvis? Not hot, young, hip swiveling Elvis, but middle aged, sweaty browed, rhinestoned jumpsuit Elvis? Seeing a middle aged man dressed as Elvis disturbs me to the core and what's even scarier, is when that one middle aged Elvis man has 5 other friends also dressed as Elvis. This scares me, no, i mean it really scares me; i liken it to seeing a group of aging clowns all quivering their lips and thrusting their hips in my direction.

Image source Image by:Frankly Richmond

What is the fascination with Elvis Presley costumes? Why not dress as Jailhouse rock Elvis? Or Military days Elvis? Why? Why? Why? Please someone enlighten me because the rhinestone Vegas era was certainly not the best of his career; he wasn't looking all that hip anymore. Is it because the middle aged pot belly can feel comforted in that cheap Lycra jump suit?

Say you decide to throw a fancy dress party and invite all the neighbours, i guarantee that at least one man will always turn up dressed as Elvis, and i also guarantee that at one point during this fancy dress soiree he will either:
a) hip thrust and "ugh huh huh" at any given opportunity, or 
b) stumble through a bad karaoke rendition of Suspicious Minds. 

*Sigh* I suppose after 5 Vodka shots and a keg full of beer the aforementioned Elvis Presley impersonator might actually start to look like an authentic Vegas Elvis.

So you heard it hear first, proof that Elvis Presley ain't dead and is in fact alive and kicking, he's your neighbours husband, your drunk uncle and your best friends brother, take a long hard look at your boyfriend, in 5 years he'll be parading around in a cape and wig like an overweight super hero.

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  • Drake Sigar said:  

    Honestly? I just want one night of the year where I can pelvic thrust towards girls in a provocative manner and avoid being arrested for lewd behaviour.

  • J.Ashley said:  

    hahaha i love this

  • kitkat said:  

    Ahahaha!! Elvis definitely lives on! good for him :p

  • Lost.in.Idaho said:  

    The only time I sound like elvis is when I've had entirely too much to drink.

    And it's not on purpose...

    What's that movie with the flying, skydiving elvises? I'm having a Nick Cage flashback...

  • Alice X said:  

    @Drake Sigar Fair enough haha

    @J.Ashley Thanks lady.

    @Kitkat Yes it's just a pitty he now lives vicariously through middle aged men.

    @Lost.in.Idaho Oh yeah it's called Honeymoon in Vegas, see even Nicholas Cage dressed as Elvis.

  • Toni Rose said:  

    Dear Alice,


    I guess it's their middle-life crisis thing!

    Let's just wait when OUR generation turns to mid-life and see...

    If you ask me, i don't think they would be turning into Elvis...

    Be even more scared when our generation probably starts dressing up like Justin Beiber instead! :))


  • Alice X said:  

    @Toni Rose Yeah maybe it is a mid-Elvis-crisis. I really hope they don't dress up as Beiber, i think that would be much scarier.

  • Toni Rose said:  

    Dear Alice,

    hahahaha! better be elvis then! :))


  • Alice X said:  

    @Toni Rose It's the lesser of two evils, after all, Elvis was crazy talented!

  • Toni Rose said:  

    Dear Alice,

    Well, Beiber still has more than half his life to prove himself! LOL

    not that im a fan, no no no .. HAHA im just saying... we might be eating our words someday! haha

    btw, bout the Ipad, thanks hahahah... he actually asked me if i wanted an LV bag.. i was like.. "uhm... up to you"...

    But when he was just "planning" to give me an ipad.. i was like already announcing it to everyone that he's giving me one.. HAHA he can't back out now! :))


  • Alice X said:  

    @Toni Yes that's true maybe Beiber will be a legend one day. Wow you are lucky to have such a generous boyfriend!

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