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Vajazzling Your Vajayjay

Sunday, 15 May 2011 Leave a Comment

Photo credit: clarita from morguefile.com

A new craze is sweeping the beauty industry and to be quite honest it kind of creeps me out. It's called vajazzling. It's basically bedazzling your lady garden with tiny crystals.

Even Jennifer Love Hewitt admits she has been vajazzled on Lopez tonight....

Call me strange but the whole concept kind of freaks me out, i mean vaginas were never meant to sparkle. Call me strange but I don't want my vajayjay to look like a bad craft project.

What do you guys think of the vajazzle?

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  • Paige said:  

    pshhht who wouldnt want cheap, plastic jems on there vagina?!? not me...thats who.

  • Jewels said:  

    this is not the first time I have heard of this trend and I just don't think it's for me. While I keep the area naked (the perfect landscape for vajazzling) I just don't think I need to adorn it with glue and crystals to make it inviting. Maybe as a one time surprise for my man (when I get one) but the upkeep on gems for my lady bits is a bit too much for me. I'm pretty sure most men are just excited to see it...I don't think it needs to look like a disco ball to get their approval.

  • Thank, Q said:  

    I don't want to see bling on her thing. I personally don't need to have it dazzling in order to enjoy it. Besides, couldn't you cut yourself on those things down there? What if she gets a rash from the glue?

  • sassyshoediary said:  

    Gosh, not for me! The first I ever heard of this was from Jennifer Love Hewitt!

  • Lost.in.Idaho said:  

    So what's worse than getting hair in your teeth, after going down on your girl?

    Getting rhinestones in your teeth.

    I go down with my normal pearly whites, and come up with a sparkly grill. FLAVOR FLAV!!!

  • A Daft Scots Lass said:  

    Made a post about this ages ago. I love it!


  • Pretty Young Thing said:  

    I have never heard of this before...I'm happy about that too.

    talk about high maintenance...

  • Alice X said:  

    @Paige What i want to know is how do you get them off... OUCH!

    @Jewels I agree i think it's just a novelty at the moment and will soon sink to the reject pile along with temporary tattoos and leg warmers.

    @Thank Q bling on her thing! Love it! Yes an allergic reaction could be rather nasty. Yuck!

    @Sassyshoediary Me niether

    @Lost.in.Idaho Flavor Flav would love the vajazzle! I can see why getting a grill full of vagina gems would be unappealing. :D

    @A Daft Scots Lass Read it! Pimp my pussy ahaha you crack me up.

    @PYT Sorry for enlightening you :/

  • Lizzie said:  

    My love of sparkly things is totally making me crave this. Sad.

  • Alice X said:  

    @Lizzie ahaha i think you should go for it then and make sure to do a little Vajazzle review on your blog.

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