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Crimes Against Fashion For Passion

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 Leave a Comment

Image source  Image By chipgriffin

"Hey! Yeah you. Can i ask you something? Do men often get cold feet in bed?"

Wearing socks in bed is like wearing a fleece in the desert. Not cool. I know because i actually like socks, they keep me warm, they're comforting, but one thing i wouldn't describe them as is sexy. Socks are not sexy, they're practical and practical things aren't that great at looking sexy.

Follow this rule when thinking of wearing socks in bed: DON'T

The only exception is if you are in fact, this guy...

Then it's OK. Go wild, wear your socks. Go all out, wear stripey ones if want! But if you're not Mr Deeds, and you don't have a foot that looks like it's been charred by the fire of Satan's wrath, then for goodness sake take those cheesy foot hammocks off. 

Grandpas wear socks in bed.

If your feet get so cold that they warrant donning extra coverings then invest in one of these nifty contraptions...

The hot water bottle

Photo credit: mensatic from morguefile.com

Granted it's not actually a bottle, but that's OK. It's nothing to be frightened of; think of it as your rubbery friend, (note: that was not meant as an innuendo).

Whenever in doubt use this handy little math guide:

Socks + bed + lover = [ Insert hideous word here ]

Memorise the above.

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  • Drake Sigar said:  

    Girls in socks are sexy though.

  • Little Miss Me said:  

    Eurgh socks in bed, I hate socks the majority of the time to be honest, except over the knee socks my god do I love those babies, but not on men...never on men

  • Lost.in.Idaho said:  

    I radiate heat. If your feet are cold, just do what my girlfriend does. Shove those icy feet under the small of my back when I'm asleep.

    Don't be surprised when I YELP and am found clinging to the ceiling saying "WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL WAS THAT?!?!?" but I'm willing to help warm them up.

    ...if I know they're coming...

  • J.Ashley said:  

    hahaha love this

  • Jewels said:  

    I couldn't agree more...then again I sleep naked. Sorry is that TMI? Anyway...even in the winter and even if I had a broken heater I am NOT sleeping with socks on! Ick and yuck!

    Now a man who wears them...just so NOT sexy!

  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    I'd use a hot water bottle, but the thing is I often thrash around in my sleep (I'm not quite sure why); I often wake up in the morning with my blankets and pillows all over the place. So the bottle would probably fall off the bed.

  • Jess said:  

    Blegh I hate socks in general, and only wear them when I'm exercizing or it's the middle of winter. Hubs has tried to sneak his socks into lovemaking sessions, but I quickly nipped that in the bud.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Well now I feel stupid for wearing socks in bed XD I've never thought about it and it just never bothered me. So I just....did.

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