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My Sticky Dating Situation: Familiar Faces

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 Leave a Comment

Photo credit: kevinrosseel from morguefile.com

In honour of my Love Thy Pits Giveaway which ends tomorrow night, i am going to share with you my very own sticky dating situation. It's more of a story but it's 100% true so here goes...

For about half a year in secondary school (that's high school, for all you Americans), i had this on/off thing going on with a boy in my class. It was never anything serious and never actually resulted in a boyfriend and girlfriend situation. It was just the odd kiss here and there, we flirted a lot and we were really good friends.

When school was over we both ended up attending different colleges and never saw each other again, until one day, when Facebook came to town. Can i just say how thankful i am that Facebook was not really well known when i was in school, it would have made puberty so much more painful!

Anyway back to me and the boy. A couple of years later i was on Facebook when i saw that i had a friend request from a guy that looked really familiar. He'd lost weight, got a funky hairstyle and become very much the fashionista. As i was perusing his photos, (being a nosey parker) i saw quite a few of him with his arm around other extremely well dressed guys. Hmmmm?

Yep sure enough, he is as gay as they come! Secretly, i think i always knew he was, he always had a great dress sense. I can only hope i wasn't the one to put him off girls for good.

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  • Jewels said:  

    Oh I so understand...I totally had a casual hook up friend in high school like that as well. He is gay as the day is long now and there were signs back then...but hey he was a good kisser so I let it go. The things a girl will do for a good kiss.

  • kitkat said:  

    ouch! didnt see that coming :/

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