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WIN $75 Spa Voucher! Mitchum's Love Thy Pits Giveaway!

Sunday, 21 August 2011 Leave a Comment


Roll up, roll up! Come win some prizes.

Today i bring you gifts my friends. That's right, i am hereby announcing the first ever giveaway hosted here at Guys Boys & Men and let me tell you, I'm pretty darn excited right now, i might even be getting a little sweaty. Sweat being the key word here, Mitchum's "Love Thy Pits" campaign aims to kill sweaty Betty's with their new 48 hour deodorant and they were kind enough to let me host this giveaway so you guys can win some freebies.

One lucky reader will win a $75 Spa Finder gift card to spend getting pampered and preened. You will also win a stick of Mitchum's deodorant to make sure you don't get all hot and bothered during your relaxing spa session. 

All you have to do is leave a comment about an funny, sticky dating situation. It could be absolutely anything, maybe your date had bad body odor, maybe you told the worst joke in the world! Just leave a comment below and tell me all about it. The most embarrassing, shocking or damn right hilarious comment will win. And in the event that i just can't decide myself, i will enlist the help of a random number generator to decide the winner. 

The competition is open to both male and female readers so don't be shy. It will end at midnight GMT time on Wednesday 31st August and the winner will be announced on Thursday 1st September.

FTC: This giveaway is being sponsored by Mitchum's Love thy pits campaign. Just so you know, i am not receiving any monetary compensation. I will however be receiving the same prize as the winner.

Good luck!

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  • kitkat said:  

    Ok so my crush finally asked me out on a date, but my nerves got the better of me and i think my sweat glands were working in overdrive that day lol. It didnt help that i had a white dress on. He saw the brown stain under my armpit and asked what it was. Man, i coulda died right there on the spot. We never went on a date after that. turns out he was a jerk anyways lol

  • Jessica Thompson said:  

    Haha wow, that's great!

  • Gina said:  

    Worst date ever:

    - I didn't like him to begin with. He asked me out about ninety five times and I finally relented because my best friend said "It's not like it will kill you to give the guy a chance" (ps- I almost died of boredom on this date, so... shows what she knows.)

    - He kept calling me "Ms. Murphy" all night long. Even though we were peers, I've never been a teacher, he's never known me in an academic/authoritative setting of any kind. Super weird. I almost asked if he even knew my first name, but then that might sound like I wanted him to SAY my first name, and that would have been bad.

    - He sat on the same side of the table as me. So, so awkward.

    - We went bowling. Just the two of us. Think that through: that means that we didn't talk for most of the evening, because any time I'm bowling, he's sitting, any time he's bowling, I'm sitting. Plus, I have to worry about this creepy guy watching my ass all night. Plus, awful bowling alley lights. Plus, super un-romantic. Plus... oh there's just too much wrong with this scenario.

    - We drove around Phoenix (not really a "scenic" drive) for like twenty five minutes doing absolutely nothing. I finally realized we were going in circles, and I asked where we were going. He says he's looking for a lookout point to go sit in the car and look out over the city. Like this is some 1950's makeout scene.


    I told him I had a 9:30 curfew and needed to be home right away.

    And I swear on all that is holy that this was all the same date.

  • Stephanie said:  

    OK so i decided to go on a date with a guy i met on the online dating site. we decided to meet in a mutual middle ground spot for dinner (which was perfect for me!) besides the fact that i had to drive a little ways to meet him, i much rather preferred that than having him come to where i live.

    So we meet up. He was very nice and joking around (just as we would do when we chat on the phone)
    and we go to dinner....
    dinner was very nice and very good.
    He started the night off by opening the door to the restaurant (but not the car door...strike 1! hey i gotta set some standards!!)
    he paid for dinner (and yes i offered...just something my mom always told me to do)

    well after dinner...he took me to my car so that i could go home...here is when the date went sour...
    He started to get a little too touchy for a first date (trying to touch my boobs...grabbing my ass...touching my legs and just being too touchy in general...)
    so after me telling him to stop several times (he still did not really pay attention not to mention we have had several conversations about taking things slow and how i find guys that are pushy and too touchy too soon to be a HUGE turn off)
    He then proceeds to try to ask me to stay for a while...at this point i was getting very uncomfortable and just wanted to get in my car and drive away as fast as i could!!
    he at this point had given me a hug and was thanking me for the date...but was giving me a extra long hug and was yet again being too touchy...and having wondering hands...

    in the middle of this way-to-long hug...he then tells me i should spend the night.
    i laugh and say "uh yea right"
    not to mention i had said several times that i needed to get home because i had to be at work super early the next morning...well then he had the idea that should just hang out and call into work sick!!
    LOL....um yea...at this point my friends def came to the rescue!

    By pure luck a group of friends i usually meet up at the bar and play pool with on Mondays texted me. so my phone is going off and i insist he let me go so i can answer it...so looking at my phone and realizing who it was it gave me an escape!! i said i forgot about a prior engagement and had to hurry back to town to meet up with the friend that just texted me....

    well as i am trying to text my friends back...i look up to say goodbye and he is coming at my face with his mouth wide open striking at me with his tounge! (not hist lips...i guess he felt the need to lick my throat to tell me goodbyr :-/ ) i had to squirm my way out of his grasp and literally jump away to get to my car!
    needless to say i slightly ran to my car and sped away (locking my coors once i got in)...calling my friends (almost in a panic) to explain how awful the end of the date was...

    Dinner was fine...and the conversation was good...but after that...was way too much!

  • Lizzy Bennett said:  

    I'm totally ripping this from a blog post of mine that hasn't gone live yet, but I just recently wrote an entire post about a horrible date I went on recently lol

    Since I don't work around anyone my age, I caved and joined some online dating sites. For the most part, I just sort of lurked around. On one occasion though, a really good looking guy sent me a message, so I decided to go for it! He asked if I'd be interested in dinner, and we agreed on IHOP.

    We'll start with his photos... they were... misleading... He wasn't quite so handsome in person. More like a skinny, snaggletoothed country bumpkin. Awesome, right? But hey, I was there, so I was ready to roll with the date!

    First there was the conversation about our career paths. I asked him why he had chosen the military. His answer? A girl. He then spent a half hour talking about the girl who he had been in love with that had joined the military (whom he had never actually dated), how he had joined the military for her, and then how he was bummed when she left the military. All the while I'm sitting there thinking about a) Why regale me with tales about your unrequited love on our first date? And b) You joined the military for a girl who didn't even return your affection?? Really?? That's a heck of a life choice for something like that! A bit intense, no?

    Then there were the questions. We'll start with my attire. I was wearing shorts and a v-neck tank top under a blouse. Nothing slutty. I'm a tomboy- my typical outfit is basketball shorts and a tshirt, so I hate girly clothes. He asks me, halfway through dinner- "So uh... I was just wondering... what's with the revealing clothes?" REVEALING?!?! It's a v-neck! Not even a low one! No cleavage!!!

    Next question- As we're sitting there chatting about random stuff, he says, "Random question... Are those spots on your arms freckles?" What the hell?? What else would the brown dots on my skin be??? Tumors?! WTF is wrong with this guy??? And lastly, as we're walking to our cars, he sees a scratch on my forearm and asks what I did to myself... I said I had a feisty kitten and his response? He pulled a face and said, "Oh, you have a cat?" in a really disgusted tone!

    Needless to say, I said my goodbyes and got out of there. He wanted to me hang out longer (go catch a movie or something) but I made my excuses and took off. And the kicker? He contacted me again a week or so later to see if I'd be interested in going out again!!!! Hell no! Weirdo!!!!

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