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Love Monkey's Tips for Guys: Advice on how to kiss a woman

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 Leave a Comment

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Do you remember, a few months back, when i told you i visited a Love Monkey and guest posted about How not to pick up women in nightclubs? Well it's their turn to visit Guys Boys & Men today and they've been kind enough to leave a lovely guest post for you all.  Enjoy!

Image provided by Lovemonkey.net

Whether young or old, it can be said that men of all ages do not know how to kiss a woman. Guys I feel for you. If you want to know the best way to kiss a girl, the best piece of dating advice you can get is to learn what NOT to do.

If you are a bad kisser, you are in for a regretful time. You can be the most successful or the best looking but if you suck at kissing, there is always going to something missing. In addition, you may not ever meet the woman honest enough to tell you, so better to ensure you know what you are doing before the act.

Number one on the list is to remember that you are kissing a girl and not eating an ice cream cone. Pouncing on a woman can really be a sign that it's late, she has to get up early. No one wants to be pounced on. It is not a quest for attack and this is the wrong combat mode to count on when you want to leave a great impression as a kisser. Take your time and ease into it. Start off with soft pecks on the lips and slowly intensify the kisses. Make her want more!

Another downer is having hard lips. You are eliciting an emotional response from the other person. Make sure your lips are not dry and gross. Wet your lips a little or make sure you used chap stick earlier in the day. Also, relax and don't go in for the kill. Keep your lips puckered but not too loose as this is a turn off as well. A soft pucker will get you far. Not too hard and not too soft.

The best piece of dating advice (when it comes to kissing) is the prelude to the kiss. This is the moment  when the girl wants nothing more than to kiss you. This happens from emotion. You can lead up to the perfect kiss by setting up the perfect moment. The date has to be going well of course, but do a little flirting and get her thinking about a possible kiss. Spark her curiousity! Be patient…this takes more than five minutes of your time.

A kiss on the lips is one of the most personal things a girl can offer. It is a giving of self. It is sensual and not sexual. The sense of wanting to kiss you is from the heart. The sensual can lead to sexual but it starts on the sensual side as she responds to you and the kiss itself. Remember not to be in attack mode yet, be in a response mode. Chewing gum and blowing bubbles is a good way to practice mouth exercises in learning to kiss. It loosens up the mouth and uses the same muscles. Good luck Love Monkies!

Drake | Love Monkey | Dating Advice for Men

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