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Giving your boyfriend a makeover for less than $100

Monday, 19 December 2011 Leave a Comment

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Don't know what to get your boyfriend this Christmas? Today's guest poster does and she's got some great ideas for those of you who live across the pond, so without further ado...

Admit it, you want to give your boyfriend a make-over. It’s OK. You know, he’s probably thought about what you would look like with a makeover, too! 

So, for the holidays, how about this deal: if he lets you give him a make-over as a gift, you will let him pick out a new style for you. It’s only fair! Put a $99 limit on each of you and this might actually be less than what you were planning on spending on gifts for each other. 

We’re going to have to stick to low-end items to make our budget, but that’s no biggie—I’ve noticed many guys don’t care about designers and brand names anyway. 

Now, here are my suggestions for what to get for your man: 

Proper haircut : $15 
Has your boyfriend been getting the same haircut over and over again since he was in middle school? Or, does he just try to cut his own hair, like mine? 

A haircut can really make a difference in a guy’s look, so this should be your first stop on makeover day.  

Try to talk your boy out of going to his regular barber, however. A makeover means a new look, and his barber might just end up giving him the usual.  

Instead, try to talk him into going to a salon that cuts men’s, women’s, and children’s hair. These hairdressers tend to be more up-to-date when it comes to haircuts, since they have to keep up with the fast-paced women’s market while still serving all ages and genders. And remember, your boyfriend might want you to get something done to your hair, too! 

Since I’ve got you on a tight budget, pick a low-end salon, such as Mastercuts. Another good option is going to the local cosmetology school. The students there need people to practice on, so they will provide haircuts for very low prices, under the supervision of experienced teachers. If they make a mistake, a teacher will almost always fix it for free, so it’s a pretty good deal. 

Actual shoes: $30 
I don’t think I’ve ever dated a guy that owned more than three pairs of shoes. Usually, this meant a ratty old pair of sneakers, a pristine pair of dress shoes I wasn’t allowed to touch without washing my hands first, and either dark sandals or flip flops. Yeah, sound familiar? 

It’s time to help your boyfriend find a normal pair of shoes that he can wear and look good in while either going out or hanging out.   

I’m only giving you $30 for this one, so that pretty much means Walmart! But Walmart actually has pretty cute shoes. For instance, they have Dr. Scholl's Men's Ross Oxford Shoes for $30 in black and brown. They’re leather and have laces, but are still really comfortable, in part due to the gel dome cushioning.  

And don’t be surprised if your boyfriend picks out high heels or ballerina flats for you—your man is probably tired of seeing you wear ratty old sneakers, too. 

Pumice stone: $3 
Let’s pick up a few more things while you guys are at Walmart.  

So, does your boyfriend have rough feet and crusty elbows? Mine does. But, with a pumice stone, you can make that skin soft again. 

Once you start doing this, your boyfriend will start asking you to use it on his feet as soon as he gets home, since it is pretty relaxing. You have been warned. 

New razor refill cartridge OR pack of disposable razors: $5 
Some guys won’t go for a razor blade refill until they are getting a totally dull shave. OK, some girls do the same thing. That includes me. 

As part of your boyfriend’s makeover, get him either a refill for his razor or a pack of disposable razors so he can get a close shave again. He might hand you the razor when he’s done with it! 

Trendy t-shirt: $13 
If your boyfriend wears out band t-shirts until they look like Swiss cheese, you’ve probably been wishing you could see him in a new shirt for once. 

Luckily for you, fast fashion retailer H&M offers a selection of men’s t-shirts for $12.95.  

But watch out, because they also offer dresses, and your boyfriend will probably want you to wear one. 

Fashionable jeans: $25 
Don’t leave H&M yet.  

Their &DENIM men’s jeans come in a 5-pocket low-rise, slim-fit style with slim legs that nods to the skinny jean trend without making your boyfriend look like a teenage girl.  And they’re available for $24.95, too. 

Seeing your boyfriend look really hot: priceless 
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Mastercard.  

Or Visa. Or American Express. Or Discover. Tiffany Price from CreditDonkey says, whichever credit card you’re using, be sure to look into your credit card rewards program to see if they have any holiday specials going on. Some credit card providers offer pumped-up rewards bonuses during this season, such as extra points on certain purchases or special discounts, and you wouldn’t want to miss out. 

Good luck with the makeover!

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  • Lost.in.Idaho said:  

    If I may add to this?

    Add another $10 to the jeans, because you're gonna need to get those bad boys tailored. I have a 30" inseam, but the standard 30's don't lay quite right. A quick tailoring can turn a $25 pair of jeans into the "$200" look.

    And dudes, don't underestimate hair care. Spray or gel is crap. Look for what metros and women call 'product.' The Axe hair line isn't too shabby, but I prefer the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Sculpting Cream for a non-greasy, non-guido hold.

    Women notice things like that. If you have good hair, good shoes, good pants, they'll melt for you.

  • Vapid Vixen said:  

    The boyfriend recently asked me to cut his hair. I agreed. I haven't used scissor to cut anything other than a box open since elementary school.

    This will not end well.

    For anyone.

  • Drake Sigar said:  

    When did women get it into their head that we love to be dressed by them? We said undressed. UN!

  • ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said:  

    Uh...this makes me glad I'm single. If I had a bf, there's no way I would spend $100 on him. Maybe $20, though.

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