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Internet Blind Dates: Advice & Safety Tips

Thursday, 1 December 2011 Leave a Comment

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Meeting someone in person who you’ve met on the Internet can be nerve-racking because you never really know what to expect; you’ve never met face-to-face and people can present themselves falsely through the Internet. What’s positive about an Internet blind date is that it is not totally blind; generally, you know what your date will look like and what they are interested in. Below you will find tips for your first date as well as how to protect yourself.

Advice for Your First Date:

1. Meet somewhere casual.

A cafe or relaxed bar/restaurant for coffee or drinks is a great place for a first date. Movie dates don’t offer much time for conversation. Overcrowded, loud locations can make it difficult to talk and lead to an awkward date.

2. Dress to impress, but wear comfortable clothes.

Readjusting clothing is awkward, annoying, and can indicate to your date that you are uncomfortable or nervous.

3. Arrive on time to your date.

Arriving late is rude and will not reflect well upon you.

4. Be honest, but not too open.

Be honest during your conversations so that your personality is visible, but keep the conversation light. Definitely talk about your interests, your professional background, your beliefs, your family, and so on; but don’t go too in-depth on topics like politics, which can end up dominating conversations, and don’t tell your date your inner-most secrets.

5. Keep the conversations going.

Try not to ask “yes or no” questions; instead, attempt to ask questions that require an explanation and can lead to continued conversation. Listen intently to your date as he speaks so that you can get an idea of whether you are compatible and if you’re interested in him.

6. Know before the date:

a. How you will handle who pays for drinks, food, etc.: Will you or your date (if he offers) pay or would you prefer to split it?

b. How you will exit the date if you want or need to leave.

Safety Tips for Your Date:

1. Check up on him before the date.

Facebook and Google are great places to do research on your date.

2. Meet somewhere.

You do not know this person through a friend; you met him on the Internet. Do not allow him to pick you up from you home. If he offers, make a polite excuse, like, “I have to meet you straight from work,” or “After our date I have to meet a friend down the street.”

3. Tell friends and family where you’re going.

We’ve all heard horror stories; we shouldn’t be paranoid, just cautious. Just in case your date turns out to be dangerous or discourteous, make sure your family and friends know where you are so they can pick you up or notify the authorities if something goes wrong.

4. Pick a public place.

Always choose a public place for a first date; do not go to your date’s house or invite your date to your house. Aside from the safety aspect of this, it will also make the date more comfortable.

5. Don’t drink too much.

If you do go somewhere with alcohol, limit yourself to 1 or 2 drinks max; you need to be fully cognitive for safety reasons. You should also keep an eye on your drink as drugging is not unheard of.

6. Trust your gut.

If you get an uneasy feeling about your date, then get out of it. Don’t be rude, just cut it short politely by saying something like, “I had a long day today,” or “I have a long day tomorrow.”

Gina Williams is a guest post and article writer bringing to us first date advice and safety tips.
Gina also writes about motorcycle safety.

When Gina approached me about guest posting on Guys, Boys & Men about the topic of Internet dating safety, i jumped at the chance. Not only because i haven't broached the subject before on this blog but also because she knows a thing or two about safety. Her site is dedicated to helping motorcyclists stay safe on the road, so if you know someone who rides motorcycles or if you yourself ride one make sure you visit her site above, it has some great advice and tips on safety.

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  • Lost.in.Idaho said:  

    Haha, where were YOU 5 years ago!?

    My current gf started out as an online friend. We met, double-dated (we were both married at the time) and it was always awkward. Oddly enough, when our respective marriages faded, our friendship became MUCH less awkward...

    Great tips though.

  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    Great advice, and I totally agree with all of the tips! I especially agreed with the tip about being honest but not too open, because there are some topics that can change the mood of a date. One guy I went out with started talking about religion, which would have been okay if he didn't start criticizing Catholics (and he knew I was Catholic).
    I often arrange to have coffee dates in the afternoon, because somehow I feel safer during the day and then I don't have to worry about the date ending too late.

  • Jay said:  

    Good tips: this is how I met my boyfriend through Craigslist, although he was intended as just a friend.

  • ms.composure said:  

    yes these are def some gr8 tips!! i always have a get away planned just in case the date just needs to end. lucky for me i have only had to use it once!!



  • Ritzi Cortez said:  

    Good post! Unfortunately I have a tendency to do entirely the opposite of all these sensible things...

    Hence disastrous singledom!


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