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30 Things Women Want Men To Know

Sunday, 17 July 2011 12 comments

Image Source by Scented_mirror

30 things women want men to know:

1) When we get all dressed up for you, tell us we look great, it makes us feel fantastic!

2) To hell with feminism! We like it when you open doors for us.

3) When you hold our hand, we smile inside.

4) Tell us you love us often, we like validation.

5) We secretly love it when you take control.

6) Never wear socks with sandals.

7) We will remember every bad thing you've ever said to us and it will be used against you in the future.

8) When you look at other women it makes us feel insecure.

9) You should always say you like our new hairstyle, even if its a mullet!

10) A man's bare shoulders are the sexiest thing.

11) When you've done something wrong, say sorry immediately. Don't wait until we prompt you.

12) Real men fix stuff with their bare hands.

13) Touching you doesn't always mean we're horny.

14) Our gay friend does not fancy you.

15) Sometimes we just want you to listen to us.

16) Prepare for pain if you ever mutter any of the following words during an argument: "You're over reacting", "Is it that time of the month?", "You're just over emotional".

17) You look good with a power drill.

18) We will happily pay for the meal, but secretly hope we won't have to.

19) We want to know when you missed us.

20) We can tell when you're lying.

21) G-strings, thongs and other string like underwear should not be worn by men!

22) String vests are pointless and ugly.

23) Talking is how we overcome problems, try it sometimes.

24) Leaving the toilet seat up is a big deal to us, every women knows that horrible feeling of accidentally sitting on cold porcelain.

25) We like to be taken care of when we're feeling sick.

26) Surprise us often.

27) Say hello with a kiss and goodbye with a hug.

28) Sometimes we really are not 'in the mood', don't push it, you'll only make us angry.

29) Chocolates say "i love you", flowers say "I'm sorry".

30) Sometimes, all we need is a hug to make us feel better.

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Happy Birthday Blog

Thursday, 7 July 2011 8 comments

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Guys Boys & Men
Happy Birthday to you.

Hip Hooray!

Yep can you believe it? Today marks one year since the first ever post went up on Guys Boys & Men, visible to the entire world. It's been a long and sometimes tiring road but today celebrates the day that finally i decided to spill all my brain goop out onto the web and invite you all to come and revel in it.

You know what my only regret is? That i didn't do it sooner. Before this here blog, all my crazy went to waste, left stagnating somewhere deep inside my skull but thanks to blogging you all get to share this crazy with me. You get to be a fly on the wall of my mind (thanks for sticking with me). 

In all seriousness though, it's you guys that have kept these tired fingers tapping away on the keyboard at the end of a hard day's work. Thank you! Give yourself a pat on the back. Thank you to all of my 79 followers (hopefully soon to be 80), and all my email subscribers, you are what keeps me blogging, even through the bad days. 

To all the people who take the time to comment on my posts, you are the best! I mean it, there's nothing like the thrill of checking the blogger dashboard and seeing a bunch of new opinions waiting to be published. 

Thank you!

Here's to many more years of blogging.

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Crimes Against Fashion For Passion

Wednesday, 6 July 2011 8 comments

Image source  Image By chipgriffin

"Hey! Yeah you. Can i ask you something? Do men often get cold feet in bed?"

Wearing socks in bed is like wearing a fleece in the desert. Not cool. I know because i actually like socks, they keep me warm, they're comforting, but one thing i wouldn't describe them as is sexy. Socks are not sexy, they're practical and practical things aren't that great at looking sexy.

Follow this rule when thinking of wearing socks in bed: DON'T

The only exception is if you are in fact, this guy...

Then it's OK. Go wild, wear your socks. Go all out, wear stripey ones if want! But if you're not Mr Deeds, and you don't have a foot that looks like it's been charred by the fire of Satan's wrath, then for goodness sake take those cheesy foot hammocks off. 

Grandpas wear socks in bed.

If your feet get so cold that they warrant donning extra coverings then invest in one of these nifty contraptions...

The hot water bottle

Photo credit: mensatic from morguefile.com

Granted it's not actually a bottle, but that's OK. It's nothing to be frightened of; think of it as your rubbery friend, (note: that was not meant as an innuendo).

Whenever in doubt use this handy little math guide:

Socks + bed + lover = [ Insert hideous word here ]

Memorise the above.

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Edible Art. Yes Please!

Monday, 4 July 2011 3 comments

There's one thing in this world that drives women crazy, it's tasty, delicious and incredibly naughty. So when i was asked by Kayla from Eden Fantasy's (a couple's toy store) if i would like to review Melt - a delicious chocolate body paint - i was so excited. Firstly I've never been sent a free gift to try and secondly, chocolate is one of my favourite things to eat so this romantic product was kind of a win, win.

Chocolate body fondue - Body paint

Now, I'm a bit of a creative type so anything arty fascinates me, but I've never painted with chocolate before so this was something i definitely wanted to try. Let's just say, things got pretty messy!

The chocolate is heated in the microwave and can be used to dip strawberries in, or if you're more adventurous, pick up the paintbrush and get creative. It tastes and smells delicious but make sure you're not wearing white when you decide to have a go, as this stuff can get pretty much everywhere. That's part of the fun. After all what's better than edible art? Can you eat the Mona Lisa? I think not.

What would you draw, paint or write on your other half in chocolate?

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