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The Cosmo Blog Awards 2011: Thank you post

Saturday, 29 October 2011 7 comments

Wednesday 25th October 2011

Butterflies were brewing as the driver weaved through the busy streets of Soho, I felt nervous, excited and out way of my element. Outside a group of mostly female bloggers (although there were a few males dotted around) were busily chatting away to each other. I scanned the crowd, hoping, praying to recognise someone, anyone. I didn't.

We were let in to 24, i looked around and finally spotted a familiar face in the dimly lit venue. @BigFashionista from Big Fashionista was standing right beside the bar, she quickly introduced me to @RitziCortez from Climbing Ritzi's Ladder and @C_T_S from 52 First Dates who were also in my category. All i can say is praise the freaking lord that Big Fash was not anonymous, or else i wouldn't have recognised anyone and would have ended up slumped in a corner on my lonesome, drinking my weight in what i know know to be, alcohol free cosmo's. 
Alcohol free!? Sad face.

The awards were announced and though i didn't win, i felt extremely proud to have made the shortlist. The winner of my category was @sarcastathon, whose blog Nightmares and Boners deserved the win for the name alone! Highly Commended went to fellow blogger and all round dating hero @C_T_S, who is currently braving her way through 52 First Dates. Needless to say the girl deserves a bloody medal for the sheer amount of comically horrendous guys she's had to date.

Throughout the event pictures of the shortlisted blogs were projected onto the walls along with comments that were made about them. Mine reads:

 "Guys, Boys & Men is my favourite blog because it's got some really interesting advice posts and it is fun to read! Humour, great content and totally relatable posts makes it my personal winner."

As the awards were winding down we decided to grab our goody bags and head off in search of sustinance, we picked up two beauty blogger along the way @lisaandsami from Beauty Aesthetic who had travelled 11 hours from Glasgow to attend. Ritzi (our glitzy Soho tour guide for the evening) took us to a little Italian pizzeria. Unfortunately my strange dislike of practically most food groups saw me much on a giant plate of foliage. Yum! 
The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011 goody bag!

Then it was onto The White Hart for some proper alcohol, non of this booze free shizz! Plus we did spot Justin Lee Collins in there.

It was a pretty fabulous night for some pretty fabulous bloggers and i for one was proud to be one of them. Check out the shortlisted blogs here.

For all those who voted for me, thank you! If you lot hadn't took the time to vote, i wouldn't have been able to go to this amazing event or even be shortlisted, so here's to you. Here are some of those who told me they voted:

Lost.In.Idaho from My Own Private Idaho
Karl (You know who you are!)
KitKat from KitKat's Tales
Minor from Red Flag 101
The guys from Love Monkey
Marrie from Dirty in Public
Quincy from Thank Q  who repeatedly RT my voting tweets.
All my family and friends (that actually know about my blog) and anyone else who voted!

I hope i haven't missed anyone!

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Ryan Gosling Notebooked You

Sunday, 23 October 2011 1 comments

Image Source by gdcgraphics

Ryan Gosling stole our hearts in The Notebook, broke them in Blue Valentine and made them throb with lust in Crazy, Stupid, Love. His laid back cool and quietly confident manner makes him one of Hollywood's most adorably handsome actors.

Ryan Gosling's portrayal of Noah in 'that film' made every woman shed a tear. Tell me you didn't cry when Noah built that white house with blue shutters for Allie? You can't, because the truth is, The Notebook made you cry like a little baby, (and that goes for all you men too).
Embrace the shame!

Ryan Gosling is not just a pretty face, but a bloody good actor too and yes, i will be watching The Notebook tonight with a box of Kleenex and a chocolate bar the size of a football pitch.

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Read this if you want me to scream like a 'Belieber'

Saturday, 15 October 2011 2 comments

Hey there blog peeps. So you want me to scream like a 'Belieber' huh? Hell yeah, let's do this thing shall we? All you have to do is vote for me to win the Cosmo Blog Awards 2011. Every vote will guarantee one, over excited, ear drum bursting, scream of joy!

Just Click Here and enter your email address, then click on sex & relationships and then click on guys boys & men until the green tick comes up. Then leave me a comment telling me you've voted so i can link you and your blog in my thank you post.

Only two more days left so get voting now!

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RIP Steve Jobs: Here's to the crazy ones

Thursday, 6 October 2011 0 comments

Image source Designed by Jonathan Mak

Today's featured man is not famous for his looks, his body, or his face. This man is famous for his creative mind. A mind that has changed the way we think, the way we interact, the way we view our entire world.

A man, who would not shy away from the new and extraordinary. A man whose work has left its mark on an entire generation. Who brought design to the forefront of a world that was previously bombarded with the practical, the functional and the tirelessly boring.

Steve Jobs has left his fingerprints behind; you carry them in your purse, wear them in your ears, have them in your hands, on your desks, on the train, in your pocket and both you and i know we'd be lost without them.

So here's to the crazy ones, the square pegs in the round holes. Here's to the late nights at the office and the endless pursuit of perfection. Here's to the guy who was, to put it simply, great at his day job.

RIP Steve Jobs

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