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Cam Gigandet maintains his six pack studying ballet

Saturday, 7 January 2012 Leave a Comment

Cam :) - cam-gigandet fan art
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It's been a while since i updated my Hollywood Hunks Hall of Fame so i thought I'd kick start the new year by delighting you're eyeballs with a sexual new edition.

CG - cam-gigandet fan art
Image Source
Cam Gigandet, seen above flexing his bad ass torso can also be seen in films such as Twilight, Never Back Down (i personally recommend this one for ample amounts of shirtless screen time) and Easy AGigandet is usually cast as the bad guy; a role that fits his bad boy looks perfectly. Let's face it ladies, bad guys are so much hotter than the good guys. 

Quick Facts

  • His middle name is Joslin
  • In a 2008 interview he stated that he had been studying ballet for 15 years which helped him give a graceful performance as sadistic vampire James in Twilight. (So that's where he gets those muscles.) 
  • He originally auditioned for the role of Emmett in Twilight

Happy New Year everyone!

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  • Vapid Vixen said:  

    This is incredibly impressive (and hot). I just tried to do one of these last night using my boyfriends pullup bar in the hallway. I didn't even get my legs halfway up and I'm pretty sure I pulled an ovary.

  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    Mmm, he's very good-looking. Too bad he's engaged, tee hee. I like him better with short hair, though; I didn't like his long hair in Twilight.

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