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Can You Still Date On A Shoe String Budget?

Friday, 17 February 2012 Leave a Comment

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It is a material world out there, full of lonely singles keen to put themselves out there but unsure how to do it at all, or are just completely terrified to make moves in the right direction for fear that they will be knocked-back for not looking the best, not being cool enough or not having the cash to make up for either one of these.

Money is a tricky subject when it comes to dating; you don’t want to look like you’re showing off if you have money, and you don’t want to look too thrifty if you don’t, so how can you look good without forking out for overly expensive meals, cocktails and activities?

Average Date?
It is a bit silly to try and work out how much an average date will cost, but let’s try anyway, as it will give us a nice starting point to see where savings can be made:

  • New outfit - £100
  • Dinner - £60
  • Club - £30
  • Alcohol - £80
  • Taxi - £20
          Total: £290

That seems like an awful lot to spend on someone whom you may not know that well yet, but it is probably what a lot of people spend. Even split evenly it is a lot of money.

Cost Cutting Simplicity
The first thing you need to do in order to start saving money on dating is to think outside the box. Far too many people blindly trek along on boring dates with no imagination that involves drinking or maybe sitting in a dark cinema not talking. Here are some alternative dates that cost nothing, will be much more romantic and get your relationship off to a much better start.

  • Walk in the park – Don’t be afraid to suggest something really simple like this. You get to spend real time together talking and getting to know each other, not distracted by booze and other people. It’s free and will progress your emotional relationship further than any drunken fumble.
  • Online deal – Why spend more than you have to on a night out. Check out the many online offer sites for a good deal in your area. It doesn’t even need to be a meal; it could be a random cruise on the local river, a driving experience or a hot air balloon ride. The more random the better as it will make it so much more memorable.
Think outside the dating box and you will soon see how you can easily save money and have an even better time.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Sammy Foot is UK dating enthusiast. She regularly explores dating websites UK in order to find new and exciting people.

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  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    I went on a date with a guy once who paid for dinner with a Groupon; I actually didn't mind because I thought it was a good idea. My idea of a perfect date is having a really good dinner with a conversation that's even better; it doesn't have to be anyplace fancy or expensive, because there are plenty of cheap places that serve good food. Even just a simple coffee date (which is good because you don't have to dress up for it) is good, as long as the conversation and chemistry are good. And what's even better is if both the date and I like each other and want to see each other again.

  • melissa said:  

    Being married I don't worry about impressing someone on the first date. But I do work on keeping my husband happy and he works on keeping me happy. We both see eye to eye on cash. We would rather do something like run around in a park then go to a fancy dinner. My favorite date that we ever went on was we grabbed a coffee then went to a 5 dollar car show.

    We save up our cash for something truly exciting then an everyday date. For the past 4 years we have not done anything except cook for eachother on our anniversary because we agreed it would be very cool to go out of the country for our 5th wedding anniversary. So instead of spending all this cash on eachother on dates and on gifts we get to go and experience different parts of the world

  • Vapid Vixen said:  

    One of my favorite dates ever, we took the ski lift up the mountain in the summer and had a picnic at the top with thermoses full of cocktails and fancy cheese and crackers and fruit. It was inexpensive, romantic and fun!

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