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A package from A Daft Scots Lass

Sunday, 4 March 2012 Leave a Comment

I arrived home on Thursday from a very long day at work to find a parcel waiting for me. Not just any parcel, this one had made it's way to me all the way from Africa! I tore it open and inside was a box of Veet wax strips. Yep, you heard me, someone in Africa thinks I'm a hairy beast! Well, not exactly. A few weeks back i entered a competition on Daft Scot's Blog to win a box of Wax strips. All i had to do was comment on the post with an embarrassing waxing story:

Luckily she appreciated my obscure sense of humour and announced me as the winner! Yay me!

So here i was with a box of wax strips and an envelope. Inside the envelope was a little note from the Scots legend herself and also a Daft Scots Lass temporary tattoo! She asked me to take some photos of me wearing the temporary tat. So behold:

Why do hands look so creepy in photographs?

Thank you Scots Lass for brightening up what has been a crazily busy working week for me! 

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  • Brandon @ www.lostinidaho.me said:  

    Congrats on the win! It would have been more appropriate to put the tattoo on a recently waxed spot...

  • Thank, Q said:  

    Wow. You know that you're a big-time blogger when you have your own temporary tattoos. I hope to reach the blogging status of ADSL some day. LOL!

    Congrats on winning the contest, Alice!

  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    I like the tattoo! Temporary tattoos are fun partly because they're temporary; you can mix them up rather than stick with just one.

  • Alice X said:  

    @Brandon And how do you know I didn't? Maybe I have abnormally hairy hands! Well, I don't, just for the record but yes that would have been a good idea although I've never worn a temporary tat on my legs before.

    @ThankQ It's a really good idea isn't it and fits in really well with the blog and its personality.

    @Neurotic Workaholic I think the last time I wore a temporary tat was when I was in childhood so it was kind of nice revisiting the whole process.

  • A Daft Scots Lass said:  

    Thank you so much for the shout out!

    Thank you for playing along and captioning my daft photo each week!

    Glad you enjoyed the temp tats and the photos are going on my blog at once!

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