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This is what crazy looks like

Monday, 2 April 2012 Leave a Comment

This week, Google's magical cave of Internet delights presented to me, the most cringe worthy (although hilarious) text message conversation ever! The conversation was between a guy named Kevin who had been unfortunate enough to have had a one night stand with a woman named JJ (AKA. The Crazy). JJ clearly didn't think this would be a one night only fling and proceeds to harass Kevin via text. This conversation turned out to be viral Gold and somehow ended up on buzzfeed and then on a New Zealand radio show. Here's a video of the radio broadcast:

There's a part of me that feels a bit sorry for JJ, but then again there's also a big part of me that wants to scream: "Get a grip woman! Leave Kevin alone!"

Lessons learned: 

  • Don't have a one night stand with Kevin.
  • Don't text Kevin until your fingers bleed.
  • Kevin stole your heart, not your dignity. Have some pride in yourself!
  • Don't act desperate. Kevin doesn't like that.
  • Don't stalk Kevin's house.
  • Don't make up fictional boyfriends named Mike and then proceed to tell Kevin he is a fictional person.
  • And most importantly; Forget about Kevin!

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  • Neurotic Workaholic said:  

    WOW. That's like a twentieth-first-century version of Fatal Attraction. Is that girl for real? Was she like that before/during their one date? I can't help wondering what made Kevin want to date her in the first place.

  • AccordingtoJewels said:  

    I just straight up cracked the hell up. The narration is hilarious. I don't understand women like this, I really don't. Wow, she gives crazy a whole new meaning! I must now share this video with EVERYONE I know.

  • melissa said:  

    I can hear every sane girl in unison asking "why"

    I mean I understand she was hurt in the past but you can't make every dude live up to your expectations. Especially a one night stand.

  • Goomena said:  

    I just wish that girl could get a life. How can she humiliate herself that way just because of a guy. There are many out there so she should get herself a variety.

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