Build your own boyfriend

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 Leave a Comment

Who needs a real boyfriend when you can build your own? Real humans are overrated. Get yourself a brand new, custom made man friend. I did and i never looked back.

He's really funny!
He's cute.
He has burly man shoulders.
He wears a dickie bow, because he's a smart, sophisticated kind of fella.
He's a real man.
...Oh yeah and he's kind of a nudist.

Want to meet him? 

You sure?

Oh, OK then!

Blogland, meet my custom made slice of meatloaf...

His man parts had to be pixelated for fear that other men may be offended by the abnormal size of his virtual penis, leading to feelings of inadequacy.

I think it might be love!

I know I've pretty much made you green with envy right? It's OK, you can have one too. *Communal YAY! Just click here and build your very own Mr Waxless. When you're finished building your boyfriend, come back and introduce him to me. Mr Waxless needs some bro friends to hang with.

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  • ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said:  

    Why does my boyfriend have his head turned 180 degrees? It's like he's possessed...or something. I better duck and cover from the projectile vomit that's I think he's about to shoot from his mouth.

  • Elle said:  


  • A Daft Scots Lass said:  

    he needs a wee bit of manscaping done.

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