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10 Eco Friendly Cars That Are Still Manly

Friday, 16 November 2012 Leave a Comment

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Rare steaks, gleaming guns and reading Chuck Norris-isms are second nature to a manly man. Things that don't belong in a man's world are greeting cards, tofu and hybrid or eco-friendly cars. Real men don't drive a Toyota Yaris or Prius. And now they don't have to. Here are ten cars that look cool, are still manly and aren't a burden on the environment like their gas-chugging forefathers.

I. BMW 335d - Not only does the BMW 335d look like the coolest getaway car for a heist, it's the most fuel-efficient model by BMW sold in the States and it spews roughly thirty percent fewer carbon emissions than a regular car. The 335d's 265HP 6-cylinder motor packs a wallop and the car can hit 60MPH in under eight seconds. One last tidbit: BMW already announced a successor to the 335d, so now may be a good time to score one for a lower price. Starting price: $42,400

II. Fisker Karma - Okay, the Fisker Karma is one expensive hybrid sportscar, but it was designed by the man behind Aston Martin's V8 Vantage. That, and the Karma looks way too spiffy to be confused for a hybrid car; yet that's what it is. Its engine boasts a 403HP rating and get this: the technology behind the Karma involves the linking of its 4-cylinder fuel engine and four separate electric motors. Starting price: $95,900

III. Tesla Model S - The brand new Tesla Model S is best compared to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model posted on a teenager's wall (he'll never have a girlfriend like her). The Model S is touted as the first premium electric sedan ever. Tesla Motors started taking reservations and buyers keep lining up. The car's design is contemporary, yet sleeker than most sportscars in its price range. Starting price: $57,000

IV. Ford Escape Hybrid - Ford's Escape Hybrid SUV is a winner. Its muscular appearance seems to have no tangible relation to terms like eco and green. The Escape simply looks like a great SUV. Not only is it a handsome beast, it flaunts a low price for a hybrid sports utility vehicle. It also crushes its competition in the category of fuel economy with a 32MPG rating. Starting price: $29,860

V. Range Rover Evoque - Another solid hybrid SUV for a guy is Range Rover's Evoque. With leg and headroom galore, and slick enough to have to warn a valet not to scratch it, the Evoque's 28MPG highway slam-dunk is Range Rover's newest crowning achievement. Starting price: $43,995

VI. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid - Porsche's Cayenne Hybrid is as dangerously close to a unisex car as this list will get. Before anyone complains remember, it's still a Porsche. And don't forget all the cool Porsche cars Charlie Sheen stole in that almost-forgotten '80s B-classic No Man's Land. Starting price: $63,700

VII. Lexus HS 250H - The Lexus HS 250H may seem like an odd choice at first for a bachelor prepping for a night of 'tomcattin'. The car's sunroof option, streamlined contours and ultra-comfortable interior should dispel any hesitation to give it a once-over. And the HS 250H is a green car that looks twice as expensive as it really is. Starting price: $34,200

VIII. Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid - A famous author wrote a book titled To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Had he seen the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid in his visions, he might have appended his title with ...and Wake Up in a Soak. The Spyder is exactly the stuff that guys' dreams are made of: its futuristic look, its obscene price tag and its unattainability. Real men don't mind obscenity, futuristic vehicles and drooling over what they can't have. Starting price: $845,100

IX. Suzuki SFV 650 - Yes, the Suzuki SFV 650 makes the list. No, it's not a hybrid. No, it doesn't plug in to an outlet. It gasses up like a regular car. What the SFV 650 does do is use considerably less gas than a four-wheeled sedan or truck. Less gas used means fewer emissions from its 650cc engine. A motorcycle also takes up a lot less space and has no styrofoam cup holder. That makes it manly, green, and manly again, in that order. Starting price: $6,899

X. Ford Fusion Hybrid - Why, pray tell, does the lowly Ford Fusion Hybrid close the list? It appears the Fusion is not all that lowly. It's ranked second among midsized affordable sedans. The Fusion is also great for singles or families with its impressive 41MPG city highway rating. It turns out the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a worthy entry in any grouping of eco-friendly autos. Starting price: $27,200

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