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Prince Charming on Internet: Really?

Monday, 30 January 2012 5 comments

Image Source by Don Hankins
Online dating has proven to be worthwhile for some people. Same goes for me. They have not only found true love but also, in some cases, have decided to take the relationship to the next level. Some people, who have not been very lucky in establishing relationships in real life have finally been successful through Internet. Whatever the reason, the success rate shows it is at least worth giving a chance.
However, finding your soul mate on through a virtual medium, may not always be a happy experience. There are a lot of issues which need attention before you take the plunge. Read on to find out about some of these issues regarding online dating. If you have already planned to find love on net, this article will help better prepare you.
1. Wearing a mask 
Perhaps one of the greatest dangers of online dating is dishonesty. Most of the time, the reality is hidden or embellished to increase the value of the ad. What you see, isn't always what you get. Even photographs of the person may not be real and it can be very hard to tell otherwise. All you can do is to check for any signs, such as old photographs or strange backgrounds to indicate that the posted photograph is a fake one. Treat online dating like a blind date, be prepared for the worst, whilst still hoping for the best.
2. Don't judge a book by its cover 
It's quite difficult to judge a person based on still photographs or textual communication. You need to interact with the person face to face to gauge their behaviour. A person's appearance can reveal a lot of things that are not possible to determine through an online profile. Also, in most of the cases, the poster may leave out certain details about themselves which may be significant to initiate a relationship. A certain level of chemistry is essential to make the relationships work and meeting face to face will confirm if there are any real sparks between you!
3. The distant lover 
Undoubtedly, distance can spoil a relationship and the same goes for online dating. You need to consider distance when looking for a potential relationship and the best way to deal with this is to use the distance filter available on the dating site. This way you will only receive matches who are located close to you. 
4. Be safe 
Safety is a major concern when it comes to dating online. Being alert and using common sense is a must. With many posters only interested in flirting, it has become essential to maintain your privacy. Simple steps such as keeping the address of your residence a secret and arranging your initial dates in public are good precautionary measures. Like everything in life it's better to be safe than sorry and make sure you take precautions. Telling a loved one where you are going and arranging to be picked up at a certain time are good ways to help you stay safe.
5. The best things in life are free?
Unfortunately, online dating isn't one of them. Most online dating sites have specific charges for membership and some charge extra for updating your profile or receiving information. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up to a dating site, even a free dating site to check for hidden costs.
Love can be planned and you can look for it, but it can take time. If you are looking for your perfect mate online then a good tip is to be choosy, concentrate on fewer profiles and only choose people who appear to have the qualities you're looking for. Remember that fools rush in and that being careful is the best thing to save you from getting hurt. Happy dating; you never know, you might just find your Prince Charming waiting for you!
About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a kindergarten teacher by profession and a passionate blogger. These days she is busy doing research on baby monitors. Amongst her accessories, she is fond of her cell phone, Casio watches, pretty bracelets and her iPod. 

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British affair: Groundbreaking study reveals intimate habits of a cheat

Sunday, 29 January 2012 7 comments

Image source by www.CourtneyCarmody.com
Have you ever wondered what goes on when someone has an affair? A study conducted by Illicit Encounters surveyed 3,000 UK spouses to find out just that, and it's not as wildly glamorous as you might think.

From the results gathered, a pattern emerged revealing a similar chain of events that are shared by cheating couples across the UK. 

68% = The number of cheating spouses who meet their bit on the side after work.

15% = The number of lovers who meet during working hours.

The study found that those who have affairs are least likely to meet their lovers on weekends or Bank Holidays, this comes as no surprise with these being the times when a family would be expected to spend time together.

£50 = The average amount that is spent on a clandestine meal for two. Italian is the preferred choice of cuisine, with most adulterers admitting a love of red wine and Italian dishes.

Where do these nights of passion take place? The Ritz? The Hilton? A lovely suite with a romantic view? Not quite so fancy. Most love affairs take place in popular budget hotel chain Holiday Inn. Classy!

2 = The number of times a month a cheating spouse will meet their lover.

5 years = The average amount of time an extramarital affair will last.

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Guy's opinion: How to tell if a guy is just using you?

Thursday, 12 January 2012 23 comments

How To Know If a Guy Is Just Using You
Photo credit: elvissa from flickr.com

It's an honor to be writing a guest post here at Guys, Boys & Men. I would like to thank Alice X for allowing me to share some great information with you here on this fine blog of hers.

A lot of you ladies may have a guy that you would really like to go out with, but no matter what you do, you can't figure him out. His thoughts are always contradicting his actions.

So how do you know if a guy is just using you?

Below, I am going to share text conversation that I had with one of my friends. Read through the texts, and see if your guy has any similarities to the guy described in the texts below.

After you read through the texts, be sure to checkout the key points below them to see if your guy is showing you any red flags!

Me: Are you caught up on an ex?
Girl: Well, not really an ex. I had a thing with a guy and tried really hard to be his girlfriend and to make a long story short, it has not worked. I hadn't seen him for a long time until last night and I don't know... He acts one way, but says another. It's just confusing. The whole time I keep wondering why I am not good enough, you know?
Me: You are good enough. I am a good judge of character. If he can't see that, be with someone who actually will. As for him acting one way and saying something that contradicts how he acts, I am guessing that he is cool with the physical hugs, kisses, etc, but not with the emotional stuff. He does not want a relationship, but he likes to cuddle and kiss. I may be way off, but in general, that sums up a lot of guys our age.
Girl: Yeah. He says he likes me and he cares, but he doesn't know if he wants to be in a relationship. I don't know what it is. I just need a guy that will appreciate me.
Me: For sure. So you can just go with the flow on this guy, forget about him, or tell him exactly what you are telling me. In my experience, not knowing is the worst. You're an attractive girl and he needs to realise that you have other options... Also known as guys that will actually be straight with you and treat you right.
Girl: Well, thanks. That makes me feel a lot better because I wasn't sure if I should try harder, or if I did something wrong.
Me: Well, I am not there so I don't know the full story, but if he knows you like him, he probably just does not want to commit to anything. Does he just want to chill with you randomly, and at late hours?
Girl: Well, yeah. He would come over and hang out with me, and he would stay the night, but I only see him once a week. Sometimes he says he will come over, and then he never shows up.
Me: Have you seen the movie White Chicks?
Girl: Yes. Why?
Me: OK. Remember that one dude, Keith, I think? He would want to chill with that blonde whenever it was convenient for him. Finally, she told him that she was not his doormat. This guy just wants you whenever he feels like having you... That's what it sounds like. You deserve better. He is not worth your time.
Girl: Awww! Well, I am glad you think so. That is really sweet! Thanks. :)
Me: No problem. :)

Red Flags to Lookout For!
  • If a guy wants to be with you, he will usually tell you. It's too hard to keep things like wanting to be with you all bottled up. Eventually, he will tell you.
  • If a guy wants to chill with you whenever it is convenient for him, especially during late hours, there's a good chance that if you're giving him satisfaction, then he is simply using you for that, and that only.
  • If a guy contradicts himself by showing physical interest, but ignoring the possibility at being in a relationship with you, then he is definitely using you.
Taylor Thompson owns a blog that teaches people how to build muscle at home. Be sure to checkout it out if you are interested in learning more.

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Cam Gigandet maintains his six pack studying ballet

Saturday, 7 January 2012 3 comments

Cam :) - cam-gigandet fan art
Image Source 
It's been a while since i updated my Hollywood Hunks Hall of Fame so i thought I'd kick start the new year by delighting you're eyeballs with a sexual new edition.

CG - cam-gigandet fan art
Image Source
Cam Gigandet, seen above flexing his bad ass torso can also be seen in films such as Twilight, Never Back Down (i personally recommend this one for ample amounts of shirtless screen time) and Easy AGigandet is usually cast as the bad guy; a role that fits his bad boy looks perfectly. Let's face it ladies, bad guys are so much hotter than the good guys. 

Quick Facts

  • His middle name is Joslin
  • In a 2008 interview he stated that he had been studying ballet for 15 years which helped him give a graceful performance as sadistic vampire James in Twilight. (So that's where he gets those muscles.) 
  • He originally auditioned for the role of Emmett in Twilight

Happy New Year everyone!

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