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How to Approach Your Online Dating Profile

Monday, 2 July 2012 5 comments

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With the continued rise in online dating, more people are using the internet to look for the special someone they want to complete their life. This article will provide you with several tips to make your online dating experience a success.

Online Dating is Serious!
While many singles are anxious to find their special soul-mate, few people actually take the time to create an impressive profile. The ease of internet dating sometimes makes the process almost too simple, giving users the opportunity to throw their profile together with little thought. Don’t allow yourself to become one of the many who half-heartedly slop a profile together; keep in mind that finding a partner is a life changing event, and that online dating should be taken seriously.

Filling Out a Profile
When you join a dating site, you will be given the opportunity to fill out an online profile that will be viewed by other users. This profile is the way you draw attention to yourself and show singles who you really are. Look over the profile form and carefully consider your answers before posting them. Think how listing each of your interests and activities could draw different potential dates. While it is important to spend time thinking about how to best display yourself to other singles, remember to always be honest about yourself and your interests; a relationship built around lies will never survive.

Put Up a Profile Picture
We all feel slightly self-conscious when posting a profile picture; however, having a picture greatly increases your chances of finding a partner online. Few people want to consider a relationship if they have no idea what the other person looks like! When posting a profile picture, find an image that is recent and, while flattering, is similar to what you would look like if you were seen in person. Avoid using out-dated photos, beauty shots, or images that are out of focus. If you don’t have a favourable, recent photo, consider going to have one taken by a professional.

Wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right
If you choose to devote time and effort to online dating, you are likely to encounter quite a few potential spouses. While many of the singles you talk to online maybe enjoyable, it is important that you think realistically about your differences and what you each want out of the relationship. Location, religion, and children from previous spouses are just a few things should be taken into serious consideration. If you cannot honestly see yourself compatible with an online single, do not feel shy about explaining this to them. If you are gentle, considerate, and take time to explain your differences, parting ways rarely has to be an unpleasant event.

Online dating can be an excellent way to meet other singles and even discover the love of your life. By employing the tips listed above, your internet dating experience can be an amazing success.

Sarah currently works for Lovestruck and completely understands the nerves that people get when they experience something new like dating online. It can be scary and intimidating but with a positive attitude, it can be a great way to start a new relationship. For those who are unaware, Lovestruck is a UK online dating website.

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