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Dicing With Divorce

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 1 comments

Young couples in love may not really know each other or what they are getting into when they take that coveted oath. Some people just grow apart over time, and others, have their never-ending disagreements that lead to stress and depression. These are all real and common reasons why divorce solicitors see marriages end, but what about the not so traditional divorces?

Many people mocked reality TV star and personality Kim Kardashian for her 72-day marriage, saying that it was the shortest one in history. But her fast track to divorce is nothing compared to other splits. Check out some of absurd ends to relationships and you’ll think yours is pretty tame.

Mama’s boy
There are some men who love and adore their mothers, and some, are just too attached. One man from Italy brought his mum on his honeymoon. Just three weeks after seeing the extent of his attachment issues, the bride filed for a divorce.

Splitting the house
After 18 years of marriage, a Cambodian couple decided to separate. When the wife asked for half of the asset, her husband literally gave her half. He took a saw and cut the house right down the middle.

They are the only couple to divide a house. The divorced husband and wife were too stubborn to move out, so a judge ordered that a wall be built in the middle of the house so that they could have separate living spaces.

Age is nothing but a number, right?
In a world that emphasises youthful appearances and vitality, it’s no wonder that some people lie about their age. But, to lie about it to a significant other? One woman kept the fact that she was six years older than she said, a secret from her husband for ten years. When he finally learned of the lie, he filed for a divorce.

No need for a private investigator
Parrots are notorious for their ability to learn words and repeat them. So why tell your pet bird your scandalous ways? Apparently, a Chinese woman found out about her husband’s infidelity through their bird. After hearing words such as “divorce” and “be patient,” she caught on and filed for divorce.

No take-backs
Is the rule still applicable in adulthood? Is there some kind of guideline as to what gifts – say a purse, wedding ring or even a kidney – you received from your husband you should back? While married, a surgeon in the United States gave his wife his kidney. Post divorce, he asked for it back.

Silence is golden
A Nigerian woman did not appreciate her husband’s big mouth. After six years of marriage, she filed for divorce, claiming that he talked too much and could not keep family secrets.

Bedroom boredom
The bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey,” inspired many woman to shake up their bedroom routines. One British woman was excited to try some of the risqué and tantalising moves she had learned. But, when her husband would not re-enact scenes from the book, she said he was too boring and filed for divorce.

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