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Tips For A Romantic Night In

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 0 comments

Everybody can enjoy a date night out of the house, whether it's the traditional dinner-and-a-movie option or something a bit more unique or personal. There's just something satisfying about getting out there and treating yourself, and your significant other, to an experience. But for a truly intimate experience, many of us still prefer a romantic night in, and when done right this sort of date night can top anything you'll get up to away from home!

So, to help you to plan the perfect romantic night in, here are a few tips on how you might be able to surprise your significant other right at home.

Create an atmosphere
The home - whether you share one or you simply spend time at one of your apartments - is not a naturally romantic place. You're used to it, you spend more time there than anywhere else, and while it's (hopefully) comfortable, it probably doesn't scream romance without any help. So spice it up a bit! Figure out a time when your significant other won't be around and create an atmosphere - dim the lights, put on some low key romantic music, stock the room with Yankee candles, etc. You can even set up a special little romantic table by a window you don't ordinarily eat at and have chocolate-dipped strawberries waiting on plates! Whatever you want - just make sure to tweak the home environment noticeably.

Buy a selection of wine
One of the worst tips you'll ever see for a home date night is to "pick out the perfect bottle of wine." Well, unless you and your loved one happen to have a favourite bottle that you only drink on special occasions, this is easier said than done. You'll probably end up just spending more money on a bottle you have no idea if he or she will enjoy! Instead, check out Majestic Wine online and order a mixed case, or a few varied bottles, and have fun sampling different wines as part of the evening.

Buy a new mattress
This tip is a but more unorthodox, but it's an incredible tactic for a romantic night in. Some time in advance of the date night, try to visit Dreams for a look at a variety of mattress options, and try to find something that strikes you as particularly comfortable. At this particular store, you'll find a variety of mattress types and materials, as well as guides to help you find the most comfortable fit, so it's quite easy to find a mattress that makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. If you can find the right one and have it set up before date night begins, then you have the ultimate tool for kicking things up a notch: you can get the night going pretty quickly by casually mentioning that you've just bought really comfortable new mattress.

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