Why Men Are Like Cheese

Why Men Are Like Cheese

Photo credit: taylorschlades from morguefile.com

Why cheese you ask? Well… One, it’s the first thing that popped into my head when staring at this scary blank blogger box and two, because they just are, i thought it so it must be true, like that dream i had where i swallowed paint, that was true too.

Anyway back to the whole men are cheeses fact.

  • Cheese is sort of a fungus right? A type of mold that someone happened to eat one day and thought, “Hey this stuff smells bad but it goes nicely with my cracker.” Well that’s kind of like a man, even if he annoys the crap out of you the majority of the time, there will come a day when you’ll need said man to make everything else a bit better. Men like this grow on you, like mold, mold = cheese. You following?
  • Cheese smells like feet, men have smelly feet, well men can be smelly in general, you can see the connection.
  • Cheese also goes well with wine, women drink a lot of wine, bring a man into the equation and you have drunken wine woman and smelly cheese man getting it on. Have i convinced you yet?
  • There’s one kind of cheese that has these icky blue veins, what else has icky veins?… nope I’m not even going there.
  • You can get holy cheese, no, not the kind that Jesus eats, just cheese with holes. Kind of an incomplete and imperfect cheese. Have you ever found the perfect man who completes you? Nope? You see my argument.

Last but by no means least, cheese takes a long time to mature, so do men. Case closed.